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Investor Earned $1.3M in 3 Days Thanks to This Cryptocurrency

source-logo  beincrypto.com 25 May 2023 15:27, UTC

A Twitter user and airdrop hunter Dami-DeFi shared their discovery of a crypto whale who earned $1.3 million from a new cryptocurrency in three days.

Almost all the investor’s portfolio consisted of RefundCoin (RFD), an asset which a member of the Blurr.eth community reportedly developed.

How Did Dami-Defi Manage To “Hunt the Whale” From RefundCoin?

Dami-DeFi said the user spent $26,300 on 13,567175,828 RFD tokens on May 20. These are the transaction hashes: 1 and 2. By May 23, the value of their portfolio rose to $1,327,042.

REFUND/USD | Source: Dami-DeFi

The Twitter user said they needed to find a whale with the transaction address: 0x47ab348fb8919639cd8206ca06feaf8b32ffdf9f. “Whale” refers to a crypto community member who holds enough cryptocurrencies to influence markets.

In “Catch the Whale,” the thread’s author used tools from three platforms. Below is the process they followed.

DEX Screener offers the option to show the coins with the most activity in the last 24 hours.

BubbleMaps | Source: Dami-DeFi

You can paste the DEX Screener address of the token with the most interesting activity into Bubblemaps to see more information.

Copy Address from DEXScreener Into BubbleMaps | Source: Dami-DeFi

Bubblemaps reveals the wallets of the largest and most active owners of tokens whose prices have significantly increased.

BubbleMaps Reveals Wallets With Highest Activity | Source: Dami-DeFi

Zerion’s website then helps you see the activity of the wallet of interest, revealing the owner’s actions from which you can develop your strategy.

Zerion Shows Whale Transaction Activity | Source: Dami-DeFi

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