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Boxer Manny Pacquiao Launches Own Digital Currency, Names it After Self

source-logo  todaysgazette.com 02 September 2019 07:31, UTC

Cryptocurrency continues to accrue more attentions and interests globally. The possibility of cryptocurrency unseating fiat currency is getting clearer with new big names getting into the foray of the use cases of digital money. Latest in this regard is the launch of Pac tokens, a digital currency personally owned by the Filipino boxing champion and politician, Manny Pacquiao.

Cryptocurrency is beginning to get much needed attention for mainstream adoption, due to more big names from every sphere of life, joining the trend as it keeps its widespread consistent.

In the mist of stern criticism, especially from the governments of powerful countries of the world, the nascent form of money and asset persists in its development and popularity, seemingly riding on the attacks it receives from notable figures.

Respected Boxer Manny Pacquiao Launches Cryptocurrency

Senator Manny Pacquiao is a popular name in the sporting world. The Filipino Boxer has won a host of distinctive medals in the world of boxing. So for him to delve into cryptocurrency with his identity and personality is a plus for the growth, development and adoption of digital currencies as a whole.

As reported by Reuters on Sunday, the recent winner of WBA Welterweight Super Championship, Manny Pacquiao just launched his own cryptocurrency named after self.

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Pac tokens is reportedly meant to facilitate interaction between him and his teeming fans on social media. It will also allow his fans to simply purchase his products.

Singapore’s Global Crypto Offering Exchange (GCOX) will be listing Pac tokens, which is seeing as early boost of the digital token’s hierarchy among the in-house digital currencies.

According to Jeffrey Lin, the founder and CEO of GCOX, this is meant to build a viable ecosystem rather than accruing a lot of gains. This particular aim mentioned by the exchange is expected to enhance the success of the new cryptocurrency.

Early and Prominent Private Investors of Pac Tokens

The report says that Sheikh Khaled bin Zayed al-Nahyan, an Abu Dhabi’s ruling family member, and the former English footballer, Michael Owen are one of the early and private investors of Pac tokens.

More suitors are expected to subsequently plunge in to invest in the newly launched Pac tokens as time goes on. At least for a start, this is good news for the fans of cryptocurrency that anticipate seeing more developments of this kind.

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Big Names in the Sporting World that Show Interest in Launching their Own Digital Currencies

Manny Pacquiao has quite fronted this trend with GCOX. More big names in the sporting world are reportedly displaying interests in launching their own digital currencies with the Singapore based exchange.

Sport men and women such as Michael Owen and Caroline Wozniacki are part of the big names. The 29-year old popular singer, Jason Derelo also showcases keen interest in following suit.

The interest of celebrities in investing in cryptocurrency is clearly a means to boost the popularity of the use cases of digital form of money due to their global influence, which would eventually aid its global adoption.