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OKX Ventures Declares to Invest in Cetus Protocol

source-logo  blockchainreporter.net 02 May 2023 10:04, UTC

OKX Ventures, the prominent crypto exchange platform and Web3 firm OKX’s investment branch OKX Ventures declared on the 2nd of May that it will invest in Cetus Protocol. Cetus Protocol is known as a prominent decentralized exchange (DEX) as well as the concentrated liquidity protocol developed on Aptos and Sui.

OKX Ventures to Invest in Cetus Protocol, the Firm Announces

The main objective set by Cetus is the development of a flexible and strong primary liquidity network to offer convenience in asset trading for Aptos and Sui. The protocol targets to offer the finest trading experience as well as efficiency to the consumers within the DeFi ecosystem. It does this through the focused liquidity protocol as well as a series of associated interoperable operational modules.

Cetus’ co-founder Henry Du stated that with the support provided by OKX Ventures, the platform will offer wider access to a broader user base within the Web3 sector. In this way, it is also expected to break through the border between the off-chain and on-chain space, he added. OKX Ventures’ founder Dora Yue also commented on this, the founder stated that the company is thrilled to make the respective investment.

Founder Says the Investment Focuses on Establishing an Open-Chain Ecosystem

Yue added that, in the case of the establishment of the open chain ecosystem, the platform is optimistic regarding the Move language. As per the founder, the respective language has the potential to develop an ecosystem analogous to Solidity. Cetus is considered to be the initial Move ecosystem-based AMM liquidity protocol like UniV3 that offers unique facilities to the users.

Yue moved on to say that the protocol provides a fine trading experience as well as great capital efficiency. The platform of OKX Ventures is at present looking ahead to providing support for the project while keeping all this in view, Yue added. OKX Ventures is categorized as the 2nd-largest crypto exchange in terms of trading volume. The company is trusted by up to 50M consumers living around the world.

The company is popular for being the most rapid as well as the most dependable crypto trading forum for professional traders and investors everywhere. It is a well-known collaborator of English Premier League champions including Daniel Ricciardo (the top F1 driver), Olympian Scotty, and Ian Poulter (a famous golfer). It is also a partner of McLaren Formula 1 and Manchester City FC.