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Ethereum Update: Here Are 3 Crucial New Features

source-logo  u.today 12 April 2024 10:48, UTC

The upcoming Ethereum update is set to launch by the end of 2024 or early 2025. It is poised to change how we use Ethereum wallets and drastically improve the user experience. According to blockchain developer Tim Beiko and DeFiLIama developer, the cornerstone of this update is the approved EIP-3074, which will unlock several wallet functionalities, including the ability to recover lost keys.

Critical features EIP-3074 that will bring to the table:

1. Batch transactions: This update will allow you to bundle multiple transactions into one. This means you can send all of your different tokens to a new address in a single transaction, saving time and reducing complexity.


2. Simplified approvals and actions: EIP-3074 streamlines the approval process. With this improvement, you can approve and perform an action, like a deposit or swap, in a single transaction. This not only saves on transaction fees but also on the precious time you spend waiting for one transaction to confirm before you can initiate another.

3. Sponsored transactions: EIP-3074 introduces sponsored transactions. This means someone else can cover the gas fees for you. It is like getting a free ride to your destination on the Ethereum network.

To leverage these new tools, users will delegate control of their assets to an initiator contract through a digital signature. This contract then carries out transactions and function calls on behalf of the user.

These advancements in EIP-3074 are expected to make Ethereum more user-friendly, efficient and flexible. They represent significant steps forward in evolving Ethereum into a more accessible platform for everyday use and complex blockchain interactions. This update is only a small fraction of a grand scheme Vitalik Buterin has called The Purge, which is expected to make Ethereum more lightweight and accessible.