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Ethereum Foundation Releases Important Announcement

source-logo  u.today 22 February 2024 10:31, UTC

The Ethereum Foundation has made a pivotal announcement that is set to inspire research and development in the area of Zero-Knowledge proofs and standards for ZK L2s. With the launch of the first round of ZK funding, the foundation has partnered with key players in the blockchain space: Aztec, Polygon, Scroll, Taiko and zkSync. Each partner has contributed $150,000 to a shared prize pool, amassing a considerable $900,000 in total funds dedicated to this initiative.

This unprecedented collaborative grants round, a novel endeavor for the Ethereum Ecosystem Support Program, seeks to harness both the financial backing and the extensive technical know-how of the participating L2 solutions. The shared objective is to propel the Ethereum network forward by fostering advancements that could redefine the scalability and privacy of the blockchain.

ETH Foundation

The focus of this grants initiative is manifold, targeting a plethora of areas within the Zero-Knowledge space. The high-level topics of interest range from performance benchmarking across various proof systems and client implementations, to the development of tools that enhance the developer experience (DevX) for ZK-DSLs. Furthermore, the initiative looks to establish publicly accessible benchmarks for the security and risks associated with Zero-Knowledge Rollups (ZKRs) and bridge technologies.

For those looking to apply, the Ethereum Foundation has set out specific application requirements. Proposals must be detailed in their approach, including a comprehensive description, budget and timeline, and be accompanied by an applicant profile and a public repository or link to published work. With a proposal template provided for guidance, the initiative is open to a wide range of projects at various stages of development, from mere ideas to fully fleshed-out solutions.

Eligibility for the grant extends to projects that align with the round's stated goals and wishlist, are open-source with a permissive license and offer public goods that benefit the growth and development of the Ethereum ZK L2 ecosystem.