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The Crypto Community Is Buzzing As Discord Suggests Ethereum Integration — What This Means

source-logo  zycrypto.com 10 November 2021 17:03, UTC
  • Discord’s exec has dropped a massive hint at a potential Ethereum integration.
  • The integration will open the messaging platform to NFTs and allow users to send cryptocurrencies to themselves.
  • The potential move has split opinion between the platform users with both camps advancing arguments in favor of their choices.

Discord could be the latest institution to adopt cryptocurrencies after its CEO dropped a massive hint. Millions of users could have access to them if the team follows through on the signals.

It’s Probably Nothing

Jason Citron, Discord’s CEO, struck a new chord amongst users after he posted a new tweet that suggested that the platform will see Ethereum integrations. His tweet was a reply to Packy McCormick’s blog post on imagining the future of Discord as a web3 giant. Citron posted a screenshot of a pre-released Discord application connecting to MetaMask and WalletConnect.

The photo was posted with the caption that read, “probably nothing” and has since garnered over 11K likes and 9K retweets. This move could have a significant effect on cryptocurrencies given the sheer number of Discord users that actively use the platform.

If all goes according to plan, Discord’s 300 million users will be able to send cryptocurrencies to each other and in addition, experiment with NFTs. The platform could increase its revenue by charging transaction fees through a native token swap feature.

In August, Discord first sowed the seeds of a potential integration after it carried out a survey for a potential Discord native crypto wallet. McCormick believes that Discord does not have the manpower to pull off a native crypto wallet and suggests that the platform could acquire one or hire a team to build from scratch.

The Great Divide

Since the tweet went live, it sparked an uproar amongst platform users against the potential move. They cited the electricity costs and environmental impacts associated with Ethereum mining as part of their reasons against the integration. Others called NFTs a money laundering and Ponzi scheme and took to Discord feedback forums to air their displeasure.’

“Man, can’t wait to tell my friends that Discord is encouraging pyramid schemes at grand cost to the environment, persuading them to cancel their Nitro subscriptions and use competing platforms,” said one disgruntled Discord user.

Several users have threatened to cancel their Nitro subscription on the platform while others have hailed the decision as being the right step in the right direction. It will be interesting to see the direction that Discord takes in the coming weeks given the backlash it has received.