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Discord plans to integrate crypto-related services

source-logo  thecoinrepublic.com 09 November 2021 23:17, UTC
  • Discord CEO unveiled plans to integrate Ethereum blockchain, which splits the community
  • The instant messaging platform will soon integrate Metamask and WalletConnect
  • Following the announcement, a portion of the Discord community showed concerns while threatening to drop Nitro subscription

Discord is one of the instant messaging platforms that allows its users to talk over voice, video, and text. The social media platform focuses on helping the world stay connected with their friends and communities. However, recently it is revealed that the Discord community splits, because it plans to integrate crypto-related services. Jason Citron, the chief executive officer of Discord has announced plans to unveil pre-released Ethereum integration. Ultimately, soon the users of the platform will be allowed to actively participate in upcoming initiatives such as NFTs, WEB3.0, and token adoption.

Discord will integrate Metamask and WalletConnect

The instant messaging platform could soon support MetaMask, one of the leading Ethereum wallets, and WalletConnect integrations. Notably, the integration plans were revealed after Citron shared a press release screenshot. The CEO of Discord announced the integration of Ether blockchain while replying to a tweet from the founder of Not Boring, Packy McCormick.

The article shared by Citron signified Discord as the community to imagine a human website as a place where dank memes flow like honey, potatoes thrive, and humans and bots live with harmony.

Discord’s plans seems concerning

Although the plans of integrating new crypto-related features are incredible, a portion of the Discord community seems concerned. Indeed, some of the members of the community raised concerns while threatening to cancel its Nitro subscription. As the pre-released application aimed to expedite, the gaming community resisted. The community underscored the ongoing issues of the blockchain and crypto world. Such concerns include climatic impact due to carbon emissions, money laundering, and uncertainties within the NFTs market.

Olvia, a Discord user, highlighted that implementing NFTs in Discord would result in a bad public relation. The user also claimed that the measure would show a significant drop in Nitro subscriptions, as a large count of users will cancel. On the other hand, the community believes that Non-Fungible Tokens cause environmental damage, and are mainly used for tax evasion and money laundering. Indeed, Olvia deemed that the entire crypto-related things are just a ponzi scheme and a platform like Discord should not connect to such things.

The backlash from a portion of the community also caused users ending their Nitro subscription. Notably, Nitro is Discord’s premium offering that costs $4.99 each month and 49.99 per year.

Discord’s community splits

On one side a portion of the community showed concerns while considering cryptocurrency and blockchain as a ponzi scheme. However, other members of the Discord community deemed that such a move is a step towards the right decision. In response to concerning users, another user named Bryce NFT, noted that the NFTs industry has been called out a ponzi scheme and asked for evidence.