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Popular Messaging Platform, Discord, CEO Hints They Are Exploring Ethereum Compatibility

source-logo  bitcoinexchangeguide.com 09 November 2021 11:14, UTC

Social network platform Discord is exploring the possibilities of a partnership with the popular DeFi-enabling protocol, Ethereum.

Discord-Ethereum Integration

The firm’s CEO, Jason Citron, hinted at the possibility of linking Discord with Ethereum via a tweet in the late hours of Monday, November 8. The tweet was accompanied by a screenshot of the Discord settings page. It displayed the option to connect to Ethereum using the Metamask wallet or open-source wallet connector, WalletConnect, and a caption tag, 'probably nothing' attached to it. Citron’s Twitter post was a sequel to a previous tweet from Packy McCormick, where he laid out the endless possibilities of Discord as a Web3 Sleeper and its application in the crypto community in his NotBoring newsletter. The settings options were not available earlier that day on the platform, indicating that it was still in its developmental stages and was not ready to be released to the public just yet. Discord originally served as the place where gamers could come together and share experiences of laughter, frustration, nostalgia, and achievement. It can easily be utilized to host virtual games with friends and swap art. The gaming world has experienced a seamless integration into the crypto industry. Cryptocurrency allows gamers to play internationally without security, exchange rate issues, and identity constraints.

Seamless Gaming Experience and Transactions

The play-to-earn model in the gaming industry provides players with several ways to earn by doing what they love the most. Some gamers buy a character off the game, upgrade and sell it to make money off it. Crypto helps them transfer funds faster from anywhere in the world without any restrictions. With Discord being the number one social platform for gamers, the inclusion of the Ethereum wallet into the social network could amount to more seamless and secure transactions for gamers. In his article on the possibilities of Discord as a Web3 sleeper, Packy McCormick stated that it had become the platform of choice for many new entities, from protocols to NFT projects to DAOs, building in the lustrous, inchoate world of web3. The platform is currently housing a ton of gamers, with crypto enthusiasts partaking in tasks and challenges to earn spots and roles for airdrops of new tokens just hitting the market. These tokens serve as a valid means of exchange for these virtual contests. The incorporation of the Ethereum-based wallet would help streamline the variety of tokens currently available on the platform.