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Social Network Discord Considers Ethereum Integration with Metamask

source-logo  coinspeaker.com 09 November 2021 14:04, UTC

Discord is most likely testing the Ethereum integration to its platforms which could be useful for its massive gaming community or the NFT use across its platform.

In a classic example of bringing the social media platforms on blockchain, one such giant Discord considers integration with blockchain network Ethereum. On Tuesday, November 9, Discord CEO and founder Jason Citron hinted about the same.

probably nothing pic.twitter.com/p4P6MoNGgd

— Jason Citron (@jasoncitron) November 8, 2021

As per the screenshot posted by Jason Cintron, it seems he’s hinting at a way allowing users to connect to Ethereum. Interestingly, the screenshot also offers the option to connect using the Ethereum wallet Metamask or WalletConnect, a chain agnostic wallet collector.

Several users checked the availability of the function but couldn’t see it on Discord’s browser-based app. However, the screenshot seems to be a private development environment not yet available to the public.

Discord Hosts Several Crypto Communities

Discord has been a rapidly emerging social platform for communities to interact. Besides, it is also giving a tough fight for existing social media giants like Facebook. Many users also claim it to be a potential network for Web 3.0.

Discord has been one of the go-to platforms hosting several crypto communities. These communities have users from across the globe with meaningful discussions and interactions on crypto. Initially, the platform was developed with gamers in focus but later caught the attention of the crypto community as well.

However, there’s no word currently about the implementation of crypto in gaming-related applications. The update can create a set of opportunities in communities. This can be in the form of payments and competition with valuable prizes.

However, this potential update didn’t go well with all of the users. Many called out Discord’s lack of security and its servers becoming the frequent targets of phishing attacks. Some users said that adding Ethereum support will only worsen the situation.

One of the popular crypto analysts WuBlockchain said that although Discord announced its integration with Ethereum, the current gas fee is too high. Thus, it could serve as a deterrent for many users in daily usage.

Discord announced that it will connect to the Ethereum network. However, the current gas fee is too high, which is very inconvenient for daily use. pic.twitter.com/jRMUARpifM

— Wu Blockchain (@WuBlockchain) November 9, 2021

Another major reason for Discord to add Ethereum support could be the potential use of NFTs across its platform. However, these are just assumptions at this point and nothing is certain as of now. But social media integrations with blockchain could be the next big development for both industries.