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Discord CEO Teases Ethereum Connectivity

source-logo  cryptopotato.com 09 November 2021 05:50, UTC

The CEO of the popular communication application, Discord, published a picture of the pre-release version of a future update where users will be able to connect their apps to Ethereum’s network via MetaMask or WalletConnect.

Discord Going Ethereum

Discord is a very popular communication app that allows users to stream, chat, talk, and video conference while also setting dedicated servers, chat rooms, and whatnot.

Today, November 9th, Jason Citron, the founder, and CEO of Discord, published a picture of a pre-release version of a future update of the app, which indicates that users will be able to connect it to their MetaMask or WalletConnect wallets.

Nothing else has been revealed about this, and there’s no indication of what capabilities this will unlock, although some users are already worried about the scalability issues of Ethereum’s network.

Leaping Forward to P2E?

Discord is predominantly used by gamers to communicate while playing a range of different games, including first-person-shooters, massively multiplying online games, strategies, roll-playing games, and whatnot. Moreover, almost every other cryptocurrency project is also setting up a discord server with a range of channels where they attempt to create and cater to their communities.

Play-to-earn is becoming a particularly hot concept within the cryptocurrency field, and it’s entirely possible that Discord will try to capture as much of the incoming value as possible.

In any case, it’s also true that the millions of people using Discord would cause a strain on Ethereum’s network if, for instance, in-app operations are made via the blockchain in some sort of way.