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Crypto Influencer Collects $1M in Ethereum for Free in Bizarre Social Experiment

source-logo  beincrypto.com  + 5 more 31 May 2023 10:46, UTC

Pauly0x, a crypto influencer, collected close to $1 million after asking followers to transfer Ethereum to his yougetnothing.eth wallet.

The social media personality responded by calling the cryptocurrency sector “an absolute joke” on Twitter.

Crypto Influencer Asks for ETH, Offers Nothing in Return

On May 30, Pauly0x made a public address available to the community for receiving Ethereum. It was accompanied by a GIF of the “You Get Nothing!” sequence from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Pauly reported that the account had received around $80 in Ethereum after the first seven minutes. The tweet had 1.2 million views in one day, which helped the collection climb over $1 million.

At press time, Etherscan reveals that the wallet balance has over 579 ETH.

Total ETH in Pauly0x Wallet at press time. Source: Etherscan

Pauly congratulated the individuals who joined the “million dollar club” today on Twitter, saying they will “literally receive nothing.” “If there is anything you learn from following this account,” he said, “I hope it’s that you should never take any of these literal A**CLOWNS seriously.”

The mascot of the infamous PEPE meme coin, Pepe the Frog, was quickly used as a pump by users of the Pepe community in their responses to the statement.

Several Accounts Transfer Their Entire Ethereum Balance

On-chain auditor Harrison revealed that 3,000 transactions sent around $600,000 to the address. 43 wallets even sent their entire balance of more than 0.5 ETH.

Twitter User DisruptionJoe.eth believes that some are sending money to the wallet because they were hoping for something in return. Others might be laundering their money or cleaning their wallets for tax purposes.

Even if these are simply conjectures, it is intriguing that several amounts are repeated across the transfers.

A transaction of 544 ETH from the MEXC exchange to a user who sent Pauly 10 ETH. Source: Etherscan

Ten addresses sent between 5 and 7 ETH to the account, while three sent 10 ETH. Six addresses transferred between 3 and 4 ETH and 42 addresses sent 1 ETH.

One of the addresses that sent 10 ETH appears to have been first activated on May 22, according to Etherscan. Oddly, 544 ETH from the crypto lending exchange MEXC was the first transaction to that wallet.


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