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Ethereum Shanghai Update Will Be Favorable for Coinbase, says JPMorgan

source-logo  coinnounce.com 23 January 2023 13:29, UTC

Following the release of the Shanghai upgrade, JPMorgan anticipates that as many as 95% of the retail users of Coinbase Global would sign up for the staking service.

Experts at the American multinational financial institution JPMorgan Chase are hopeful (1) that Coinbase Global Inc, will highly benefit from the impending Shanghai Update of the Ethereum network.

Investors are allowed to retrieve their pledged Ethereum beginning in March when the Shanghai upgrade is planned to go live. Some investors can withdraw Ethereum from as far back as December 2020, when the depositing address for the Beacon Chain was initially disclosed.

The Proof-of-Stake (PoS) protocol has been implemented, and the validation of transactions is made possible by the staking of ether. Stakeholders typically receive a return on their investments as a kind of compensation.

According to JPMorgan, Coinbase will gain from this occurrence because it can automatically enroll its customers in staking, making it feasible for the company to collect staking incentives from those users.

If their assumption is correct, it is essential to point out that the analysts anticipated that Coinbase might receive a staking revenue in the region of $225 million to $545 million per year.

According to the report, "staking in Ethereum obliged owners to start locking up their Ether for an indeterminate period, which we previously considered a significant disincentive to stake ETH." We believe that the Shanghai Fork has the potential to herald a new age of staking for Coinbase.

Despite widespread speculation, experts believe that Coinbase has not publicly declared that its users would be automatically registered in the staking program.

They did highlight, however, that their assertion is based on previous movements made by the crypto currency trading platform. This enables staking for a variety of crypto currencies like Cardano (ADA) and Solana (SOL).

JPMorgan expects that as many as 95% of Coinbase Global's retail clients would opt in for the staking service following the Shanghai upgrade. This is one of the things that it is expecting to happen. They reasoned this way because they feel that users may have a tough time giving up the incentive that comes with staking their coins and came to this conclusion.

2023 Has Been Kind to Coinbase Shares

Coinbase had a dramatic decline in its earnings, share price, and general performance sentiment for the previous several years. During that time, the virtual currency environment has been under a very strict leash, and Coinbase also experienced this decline.

Coinbase has been reducing its expenses over the course of the last year, as seen by the company's decision to let off around 2,050 people. The company cited the challenging market circumstances as the primary reason for the layoffs.

The staking program at the exchange is thought by the experts at JPMorgan to be one of the simplest ways to get the exchange back to its former glory days. The exchange needs prompt involvement to revert to its glory days.

Coinbase stock has been on an upward trend for most of this year, and exchanging hands at $ 54.31, an increase of 70% since 2023 began.

Coinbase Price Chart. Source: tradingview.com