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Ethereum [ETH] 2.0 gets another boost as Nimbus-to-Nimbus testnet goes live with new updates


ambcrypto.com 31 March 2019 08:00, UTC
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Ethereum’s [ETH] development towards Ethereum 2.0 has been a long-running process, with several testnets being launched to overhaul the ecosystem. On 29 March, Nimbus, Ethereum 2.0’s Sharding client team announced that a new Nimbus-to-Nimbus testnet was up and running, a move to develop the Ethereum 2.0 network. Nimbus announced,

“We did it. We have a Nimbus-to-Nimbus testnet running, not just in a simulation on a single machine, but with a remote bootstrap node and people connecting to it – even from outside of Status! This is a major milestone in the development of Ethereum 2.0, and while stability issues persist and bugs will happen, the fact that we now have a Beacon chain synchronizing across nodes that aren’t necessarily local to each other is a big deal.”

Nimbus also revealed that the latest testnet will be called testnet0, as it will be the first of many testnets to come. The organization further claimed that the upcoming testnets will each add their own scale, scalability and new features. The Nimbus team informed users that testnet will be restarted a couple of times in the coming weeks to integrate feedback requests, after monitoring the testnet’s performance. Nimbus went to say,

“This iteration is based on spec version 0.5.1 and uses 400 validators to secure the network, of which 50 are reserved for brave explorers – when you join us, you’ll get one randomly assigned to you.”

The team at Nimbus also gave a detailed breakdown on the processes post joining the testnet. During the launch, the user’s node will connect to the bootstrap node specified by the “downloaded metadata file.” This specific node will later fetch the data from all the blocks produced till that point.

Ethereum was also in the news recently when Serenity received a new testnet update. The update was announced via a blog post titled ‘Ethereum 2.0 Serenity Testnet update – Closer than Ever.” The post read,

“Our plan is to release a public, single-client testnet for Phase 0 of the Ethereum 2.0 roadmap. We are currently targeting the v0.4 release of the official specification […]”

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