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Food Company Adopts Vechain to Serve 12.53 Million People in Shenzhen


newslogical.com 06 June 2020 21:00, UTC
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A China-based food producing company, Yuhongtai Foods Co. Ltd, has announced the adoption of VeChain blockchain technology to better the visibility gap between its company and customers, with the aim of serving the over 12 million people in Shenzhen city of China better.

While Meijiada, a subsidiary company of Yuhongtai Foods, claims to offer the people of Shenzhen the only best quality meat products, the information gap has made it difficult for the firm to prove its worth as consumers get skeptical about data like the dates on the packaged food products.

Hence, Yuhongtai adopted Vechain’s ToolChain to enhance its food traceability platform which will begin with tacking premium pork products produced by Meijiada Fresh Foods.

Meijiada food company is a chain of stores that produces and sells fresh meat and vegetable to the people of Shenzhen metropolis.

To stand out amongst its contemporaries with high-quality products, Meijiada relies on a standardized management approach that monitors the whole process of its products from raising to sales, and it also stipulates that all fresh meat products in Meijiada stores be sold the same day it was produced. Else, they are collected back systematically and processed into a new thing rather than sell it the following day.

However, while Shenzhen stands as the most advanced technological hub in China, consumers high level of acquaintance with technology is giving them skepticism about the date and other information placed on foods since they cannot be confirmed.

Shenzhen Yuhongtai Foods Co. Ltd and Meijiada opted for VeChain traceability solution to batter this challenges. Meijiada now provides people with immutable information of products by uploading data like origin, processing flow, packaged date, logistic data among others on VeChain blockchain technology.

The two companies said it would first use the VeChain ToolChain for its premium pork products with renowned signature Yuncha Minzhu. Henceforth customers can have access to true, immutable, and secure information about Meijiada product easily by scanning a QR code placed on each package products.

Maijida looks forward to applying the solution to more products in the future. it hopes to expand its sales through large domestic e-commerce platforms.

This will help build the reputation of Shenzhen Yuhongtai Foods Co. Ltd and Meijiada since customers demand more transparency to guarantee the safety of products.

With over 12.53 million population, Shenzhen has a GDP per capita of over $29,217, and Meijiada serves the people of the city with pork products raised by over 108 kinds of products like hawthorn, corn, soybeans, and some other varying farm products.

Recently an Italian food company that has been in existence for more than 70 years adopted VeChain’s My Story™ solution to develop a blockchain traceability platform that enhances transparency in supply chain.

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