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Algorand Launches A Blockchain App To Help Battle The Coronavirus


cryptopotato.com 29 March 2020 14:00, UTC
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The Singapore-based blockchain company, Algorand Foundation, has launched an application called IReport-Covid to help the fight against the novel COVID-19. Users can fulfill a survey, which will soon be publicly posted on the Algorand blockchain to ensure free and constant access.

Blockchain App Against COVID-19

At the time of this writing, the number of confirmed coronavirus cases is exceeding 600,000. The death tolls are close to 30,000, and the effects are not slowing down. In attempts to fight it, numerous health organizations, businesses, and even individuals are launching different initiatives.

Such is the case with IReport-Covid application by the blockchain company – Algorand Foundation. It allows symptomatic and non-symptomatic users to directly report any information they wish about the virus anonymously by filling a survey.

According to the website, this will “teach us about how COVID-19 is affecting people in real-time, which can help inform the public and studies on the pandemic now and into the future.” All responses cannot be altered or dismissed and are automatically posted publicly on the Algorand blockchain to “guarantee free and permanent access to anyone.”

Once there’s a sufficient amount of reports, the app will publish aggregate statistics and “will introduce tools for the community to build applications using the collected data.”

It’s worth noting though that the app does not provide medical advice nor treatment consultations regarding the issue.

Blockchain To The Rescue

According to Dr. Tal Rabin, the person who managed the research team, the application can provide invaluable data, which can ultimately help other people in their personal struggles. She also believes that the app could be beneficial in receiving information for future viruses, as well:

“The Algorand Foundation app leverages blockchain technology to provide users with timely, transparent, and permanent information sharing tools. The app serves as a tool to deliver information during the current crisis and support future research on epidemics.”

Dr. Rabit added that sharing and obtaining accurate data will be essential in ending the novel virus:

“The need for information is one of the key requirements in the fight against the Corona epidemic, with many emergency operations in the world having to rely on up-to-date information.

There are many sources related to Corona today, but very little information is coming directly from the people in the community. I hope more people in the world will respond to the questionnaires in our app so that we can gather meaningful information.”

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