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Cardano Founder Shares Update on Ethiopian Initiative


Anna Martynova
cryptonews.net 26 September 2022 14:02, UTC
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Cardano founder Charles HOSKINSON shared an update on an initiative in Ethiopia taken last year. In 2021, IOG, the developer of Cardano, signed a partnership with the Ethiopian Ministry of Education to create a national system for digital grade verification and remote monitoring of progress, as well as verifying the identity of students and teachers.

The Ethiopian Federal Education Authorities have begun implementing digital identity cards (ID) for students and teachers as part of a nationwide blockchain-based program. According to Zelalem ASSEFA, director of ICT and digital education at the ministry, data entry should start next month. Nearly two dozen public schools were selected to participate.

The digital ID cards, which will be launched in primary and secondary schools and later in higher education, will be linked to a registry system that will be used for remote grade verification and progress monitoring. Officials hope that half a million digital IDs will be issued by the end of this year. There are currently less than 100,000 IDs registered.

Image: Times Tabloid

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Cardano Founder Shares Update on Ethiopia Initiative
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