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VeChain Partners with AWS on National Scale Carbon Management Services

source-logo  tokenist.com  + 1 more 02 August 2022 13:56, UTC

Blockchain-based carbon accounting SaaS platform VeCarbon announced it has partnered up with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to improve the platform’s scalability, analytical capabilities, and security. The move comes as VeCarbon focuses on improving its storage and analytics solutions as its platform is expected to generate massive volumes of data in the years ahead.

AWS Becomes VeCarbon’s Technical Partner

VeCarbon, an accounting software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform powered by the VeChainThor public blockchain, announced it has teamed up with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to enable and innovate international scale carbon management services. The partnership comes after VeCarbon showed numerous successful use cases for its solutions across different industries and applications.

Amazon Web Services has now become VeCarbon’s technical partner, hoping to help VeCarbon on its mission to provide blockchain-powered carbon management services to countries and continents. VeChain expects its platform to produce substantial volumes of data in the following years, which will require massive storage and analytics offerings. Launched earlier this year, VeCarbon expects AWS to play an important role in achieving those capabilities, thanks to its sophisticated cloud service platform and technical experience.

Launched last year, VeCarbon aims to create a carbon-neutral digital infrastructure using advanced blockchain technology and proven carbon emission MRV solutions. The platform currently offers innovative carbon asset management services for various clients including companies, governments, and factories.

Through its industry experience and blockchain solutions provided by VeChainThor, VeCarbon’s platform provides its clients with the necessary tools and services to achieve low-carbon transformation and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). High carbon emissions represent one of the most urgent problems the world faces today, urging thousands of companies and organizations to shift their business models to lower CO2 emissions.

Earlier this year, the Tokenist reported that Bitcoin mining accounts for 0.08% of global CO2e emissions. Furthermore, congressional democrats published a study last month showing that U.S. crypto miners consume as much energy as nearly every home in Texas.

What are VeCarbon’s Key Needs to Achieve its Mission?

Shanghai Tanlian Technology, the company behind VeCarbon, faces big obstacles to developing an extensive SaaS solution across multiple business needs and scenarios. One of the most critical requisites for VeCarbon to continue providing high-level carbon management services is computing power as standardized carbon products face immense “multi-source real-time and quasi-edge access needs.”

Another equally important aspect is security and stability. By providing carbon management services to its enterprise clients, “storage and data security become vital topics for consideration.”

Shanghai Tanlian’s business strategy executive director, Gong Diyun, said enterprise clients give significant “importance to the privacy and security of data. While helping these customers analyze carbon data, we also need to protect the customer’s information security.”


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