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The Evolution of MOBA Gaming on the Blockchain

source-logo  coinquora.com 06 July 2022 14:28, UTC

The MOBA games industry earns revenue of over $300 million monthly. Those who’ve heard about titles like Valorant, League of Legends, and DOTA are already familiar with the popularity of Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) games. For the uninitiated, though, it’s a subgenre of strategy games where two teams compete under predetermined conditions.

MOBA’s success is most likely to continue in web3. Fight Of The Ages (FOTA) contributes to this end with its AAA e-Sport game. This latest MOBA title is set to make headlines, with developers consistently amping up the game’s features and integrations.

MOBA on the Blockchain

Meta DJINN PTE. LTD., a Singapore-based company, owns FOTA. This AAA game combines metaverse and MOBA gaming to bring users a new experience.

FOTA depicts a fantasy universe with multiple races. NFTs allow players to own valuable digital assets usable in-game and secondary marketplaces. They can enjoy sovereign control over items like weapons, skins, and armor. FOTA’s Play-to-Earn (P2E) model allows users to rent, exchange, and sell these NFTs.

Moving beyond ordinary MOBA games, FOTA utilizes a DAO for economic mechanisms and democracies. Moreover, FOTA’s metaverse component makes it hyper-realistic, letting players genuinely embody their in-game character. Finally, a Decentralized ID (DID) system optimizes security by facilitating identity verification without compromising the player’s private information.

High-Fidelity Gameplay

FOTA has planned to integrate the Microsoft Mesh (MR) to make the game realistic. This technology helps the game’s developers create a highly immersive metaverse with high-fidelity graphics and robust economics. In addition, FOTA allows players to develop exclusive, player-driven roleplays, which have been severely lacking in Web2-based MOBA games.

Besides the experience, FOTA’s gameplay has other lucrative aspects, primarily financial. The metaverse has thirty lands across three worlds: The Greenland, The Earth, and The Nightmare. Players can earn these encrypted virtual plots through the game, as they can earn the native $FOTA token. The latter is a BEP-20 token with a total supply of 700 million.

Going Live! — The Fight Begins

FOTA’s open beta testing was released in Q2 2022. The version has come alongside their IDO & their 2nd INO Sale, besides their Hybrid Farming in-game mechanism. Based on its experience working with Microsoft, Riot Games, and Kixeye, FOTA’s team is preparing well for this release, consistently testing and trying their innovations. Moreover, the project has backing from leading names like Microsoft and Hobbit Ventures.

MOBA games, as such, have been a standard in the digital age. However, the metaverse is becoming the norm—the next paradigm for gaming. FOTA is popularizing a combination of these, helping realize their full potential. To learn more, please visit: https://short.fota.io/uy1b