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Brickken Unlocks the Potential of Company Stock Tokenization

source-logo  coinquora.com 25 May 2022 17:02, UTC

Brickken is a company forging a new path for business management and fundraising through corporate tokenization. Through an end-to-end tokenization platform that allows traditional companies to move at their own pace, Brickken unlocks a toolbox for creating on-chain equity.

In the world of startups and fundraising, the tried-and-true venture capital route has proven to be generous to innovative projects. But as the VC space becomes incredibly crowded, projects that have the potential to change lives and industries can fall through the cracks when the funding well dries up. Likewise, the barrier of entry to fund startups in their early stages bars average investors from getting in early on the next big thing.

With Brickken’s tokenization protocol, companies of all sizes can explore alternatives to fundraising and company ownership on one comprehensive interface. For projects eyeing the blockchain space, Brickken’s framework offers a channel to manage digital assets while adhering to all existing safety and compliance regulations. The infrastructure of the platform allows organizations to tokenize assets like stocks to digitize ownership at any stage, and with a wide range of investor audiences.

Through its native BKN token and dApp, set to launch later in 2022, companies can utilize a Know Your Customer (KYC) process to ensure businesses and individuals issue tokens with an authenticated entity. This empowers Brickken to cultivate a community of early backers in a safe and transparent environment.

“We believe that the future of business and company ownership lies on the blockchain,” shared Brickken CEO and Co-Founder, Edwin Mata. “Brickken is a destination for companies of all sizes to alter how they approach fundraising and business administration. As we approach our upcoming token listing our goal is to show there is an alternative to the traditional barriers in sustaining a company.”

The upcoming token listing of Brickken follows an initial $2M funding round via a private token sale. As the project approaches its next phase, Brickken will also tokenize itself as a case study to highlight the benefits its services provide.