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Huawei Helps Beijing Build Blockchain Platform to Track People’s Data for Governance

source-logo  coinspeaker.com 25 August 2020 04:45, UTC

The new blockchain platform created through Huawei Cloud Blockchain will help Beijing improve its overall government services, track and monitor important information like real estate registrations, medical records, and much more.

Chinese telecom giant Huawei is working closely with the state government to build a blockchain-based platform that will help Beijing track and manage its citizen’s data in real-time. An official report on Monday, August 24, notes that the blockchain is currently in the trial phase.

Basically, this will be a blockchain governance platform aimed at improving government services. The platform will have everything from citizens’ property registration to medical records. Besides, it will also help in supporting the city’s business environment.

Huawei has stayed in controversy in the west over the last two years. There have been several allegations on Huawei for using its products and help the Chinese government spy people’s information around the world. The U.S. has already introduced a ban on Huawei telecom products for the next-generation 5G technology. A few months back, even the United Kingdom took a similar measure against the Chinese tech giant.

However, all this hasn’t deterred Huawei from pursuing blockchain projects in China. The reports suggest that Huawei’s cloud services branch has enabled the latest blockchain project with Beijing. The platform makes use of distributed ledgers and smart contracts.

This project is also a part of Beijing’s “New Infrastructure Initiative” that aims to transform digital governance using blockchain. The use of blockchain will make data immutable and make it easy to share among different government agencies.

The Scope of the Blockchain Project in Beijing

The report notes that the blockchain platform will help to streamline some day to day city procedures which are currently ineffective or not transparent. The Beijing government will use this blockchain platform to share data with 50 other agencies within the municipality.

The system’s application spans real-estate management or finding parking spots for citizens in real-time. It will also help to maintain efficient communication between the citizens and the mayor’s office. For medical care, it will help in monitoring the coronavirus cases, thus creating pandemic responsive services.

The Huawei Cloud Blockchain is one of the country’s major contributors to help China lead the blockchain revolution. The Beijing government says that the common citizens will be the direct beneficiaries of the new infrastructure.

The report concludes stating that the new blockchain project will play a key role in the integration of digital municipal services with new technologies and help Beijing achieve strategic goals for urbanization.

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