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Neo begins rolling out Galxe Quest social media campaigns, $200 in rewards for each

source-logo  neonewstoday.com 10 July 2024 08:26, UTC

Neo has launched the first two Galxe Quest social media campaigns in collaboration with ecosystem partners Phoenix and ZNS Connect. Each campaign offers an equivalent of up to US $200 in rewards – $100 in GAS provided by Neo, and $100 in tokens provided by the campaign partner (PHB from Phoenix and USDT from ZNS Connect). The Phoenix campaign is live and will run through July 16, and the ZNS Connect campaign is also live and will run through July 18.

Galxe Quest is a platform for building and engaging with Web3 communities through a turn-key, no-code solution for connecting projects with individuals and running activities through social media platforms. Per Galxe’s Dune Dashboard, the campaign platform has attracted approximately 24.66 million unique addresses across 34 blockchains through more than 58,000 quests.

The two Neo-oriented campaigns share several tasks in common, including following Neo and the partners’ X accounts, creating and sharing posts on X, joining the Neo and partner Telegram channels, and obtaining the “Neo Knight” role in the Neo Discord server.

Looking forward, Neo intends to launch various campaigns as a part of the “Neo X Summer Fiesta” on Galxe Quest.

About the Partners

In May and June, respectively, ZNS Connect and Phoenix established partnerships with Neo to build infrastructure for the forthcoming EVM sidechain.

ZNS Connect is a domain naming service provider for BNB Chain, Polygon, OKX L2, and soon-to-be Neo X. Neo X users will soon be able to mint domain names via ZNS Connect with the .neox suffix. The minting process will initially be available on TestNet, with MainNet to follow after launch.

Phoenix is a decentralized AI infrastructure provider that comprises two main components: SkyNet and Phoenix LLM. SkyNet is an elastic computer layer capable of providing and scaling workflow tools, quick deployment features, and AI compute. Phoenix LLM is a customizable large language model platform that can process and generate text similar to that produced by humans.

The Neo X Summer Fiesta Galxe campaigns can be found at the link below: