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Pastel Network and Nabox Join Forces to Improve PSL Wallets

source-logo  blockchainreporter.net 10 July 2024 07:36, UTC

Pastel Network, a developer-friendly and decentralized L1 blockchain facilitating Web3 and NFTs, has announced a new partnership. According to the platform, it is joining forces with Nabox, a prominent multi-chain wallet providing extensive support for more than 50 diverse blockchains. The platform disclosed that this partnership denotes a remarkable move for both entities.

Partnership Announcement!

We’re pleased to announce a partnership between Pastel Network & @naboxwallet a multi-chain wallet supporting 50+ blockchains.

📲 Accessible via Android, iOS, & Chrome extension
🔒 Enhanced security
🖥️ User-friendly interfacehttps://t.co/lnz9OCzRhI

— Pastel Network (@PastelNetwork) July 9, 2024

Pastel Network and Nabox Partner to Advance PSL Wallets

On its official web portal, Pastel Network published a blog post to provide details of this endeavor. The company mentioned that both firms will operate collaboratively to enhance the consumer experience. Apart from that, the partnership will also focus on improving the flexibility concerning the storage of the PSL tokens. The collaboration also takes into account Nabox’s support for PSL coins on its dynamic multi-chain wallet.

Nabox reportedly enjoys a good reputation with its matchless integration as well as support across several blockchains. This makes the platform an ideal collaborator for Pastel Network to guarantee that its consumers get substantial benefits. Pastel Network intends its clients to leverage a user-friendly and secure method for the storage of PSL coins. The users can reportedly access Nabox on iOS, as a Chrome extension, and on Android.

Nabox is a well-known multi-chain wallet that operates in the APAC zone. It gets huge attention for its revolutionary approach when it comes to the management of digital assets. It additionally provides support for more than fifty blockchains. It provides consumers with matchless convenience and flexibility. The wallet pays great attention to fulfilling the different requirements of the blockchain sector.

The Endeavor Offers Improved Security, User-Friendly Interface, Accessibility, and Multi-Chain Support

It offers an inclusive solution to manage diverse digital assets within one place. The PSL tokens’ integration into the multi-chain wallet of Nabox provides many chief benefits to Pastel Network’s users. With this, they can leverage enhanced security, guaranteeing the safe storage of the PSL tokens. In addition to this, they can benefit from Nabox’s easy-to-use and intuitive interface.

Moreover, they can also enjoy the accessibility of Nabox within the APAC zone with availability through Chrome extension, iOS, and Android. As per the firm, this collaboration is only the beginning as it has a plan to explore more opportunities. By benefiting from both the entities’ strengths, the partnership offers an unparalleled experience to the blockchain community.