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Network3 Partners with Mask Network to Boost Web3 Integration

source-logo  blockchainreporter.net 09 July 2024 17:46, UTC

Network3 has announced a partnership with Mask Network. Mask Network is a Web3 portal aimed at connecting Web2 users to Web3 functionalities. This collaboration aims to enhance Network3’s development efforts in community building. This alliance will also increase privacy enhancements, and improving access points from Web2 platforms.

🌟 Networks x Mask🌟

πŸŽ‰ We're thrilled to announce a partnership with @realMaskNetwork!

🌟 #MaskNetwork is a Web3 portal that aims to bridge Web2 users to Web3. With the assistance of Mask, #Network3 will significantly enhance its development in areas such as community,… pic.twitter.com/thiQTgjECw

β€” Network3(at ETHCC πŸ‡§πŸ‡ͺ) (@network3_ai) July 9, 2024

Network3 Boosts AI Layer2 with Mask Network Collaboration

Network3 is an instance of an AI Layer2 implementation focused on the deployment and management of AI models for inference, as well as training and validation, around the world. Network3 believes that through working with Mask Network, it will be well placed in not only deepening the business across several platforms but also in enhancing its skills.

Through the use of Mask Network, decentralized application functions are integrated into conventional social network platforms providing users with messaging, several payment systems, file storage and sharing within the regular social media.

Network3 and Mask Network Partner to Introduce Web3 Benefits in Social Media

This integration enables users to experience the benefits of Web 3.0 seamlessly. This partnership also provides a glimpse into decentralized technologies without leaving familiar social media environments.

The partnership between Network3 and Mask Network signifies a strategic move towards democratizing access to advanced Web3 functionalities and features. This partnership will help to introduce decentralized solutions to standard social media platforms. In this way, it ensures that Web3 has a smoother entry and minimal barriers to understanding for the broader audience.