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Up Mobile: Bridging AI and Blockchain with Move

source-logo  blockster.com 09 July 2024 17:27, UTC

San Francisco — Up Network has unveiled ‘Up Mobile,’ the world’s first smartphone integrating advanced artificial intelligence and blockchain technology, powered by Facebook’s Move programming language. This groundbreaking device promises heightened security and privacy for users while delivering innovative Web3 experiences.

Led by Co-Founder Roy Liu, known for integrating TRON into Samsung mobile phones, Up Network aims to fill a crucial gap in the market.
“Today’s Web3 users face limitations on traditional smartphones. Up Mobile is designed to offer a seamless Web3 experience, supported by Movement Labs’ cutting-edge blockchain infrastructure.”

Roy Liu, Co-founder of Up Network
The partnership with Movement Labs, which recently raised $38M in Series A funding, underpins Up Mobile’s capabilities. Movement’s AI-driven execution layer ensures scalability during peak demands, overcoming traditional blockchain adoption barriers.

Advanced AI Integration for Enhanced Privacy and User Experience

Up Mobile employs AI extensively, leveraging facial recognition and fingerprint data for secure digital identity verification via ‘zero-knowledge proof’ technology. This approach enhances privacy by validating identity without exposing sensitive biometric details. Local large language models (LLMs) integrated into the OS provide personalized assistance for tasks like scheduling and shopping, enhancing user convenience and data security.
“Up Network's innovative approach to user engagement and rewards exemplifies the groundbreaking potential of Movement Labs' infrastructure. Having experienced the Up Mobile device firsthand, I can confidently say it not only surpasses anything in the Web3 space but also rivals, if not exceeds, the quality of well-known mainstream brands."

Rushi Manche, Co-founder of Movement Labs
"This collaboration with Up Network perfectly demonstrates how our technology can empower truly transformative projects in the mobile blockchain sector," added Rushi Manche.

The device has garnered significant pre-launch interest, with over 10,000 waitlisted requests and partnerships with 50 ecosystem collaborators projected to drive sales of 100,000 units by year-end. As Up Network gears up for its launch, poised to disrupt the mobile blockchain sector, visit UpNetwork.xyz for more details on Up Mobile and its upcoming availability.

For more information about Movement Labs, visit movementlabs.xyz and follow @movementlabsxyz on social media platforms.