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JOGOJOGO Unveils Pioneering UEFA Euro 2024 Prediction Game on Sonic's Atomic SVM

source-logo  blockster.com 09 July 2024 17:06, UTC

New York, NY — JOGOJOGO, a prediction market game powered by Solana, has announced the launch of the first Blink implementation on Atomic SVM via Sonic. This innovative feature coincides with the UEFA Euro 2024 tournament, offering a $10,000 prize pool for winning participants.

JOGOJOGO is a dynamic platform where users are rewarded for their predictions, enhanced by social elements that enrich the player experience. Players can forecast outcomes and earn rewards by competing with friends and other users.

Leveraging Solana's latest "Blink" feature, short for "blockchain link," JOGOJOGO allows seamless blockchain transactions directly from within familiar websites and social platforms. This technology, developed by the Solana Foundation in collaboration with Dialect, is a game-changer for decentralized applications.

Exciting UEFA Euro 2024 Prediction Game

The beta version of JOGOJOGO’s platform, now live on the Sonic testnet, is themed around the UEFA Euro 2024 tournament. Users can predict match outcomes, join clubs, and place wagers at no cost.
Correct predictions will not only earn participants a share of the $10,000 prize pool but also 100,000 Sonic Odyssey Rings.
By deploying Blink on Solana through the Sonic HyperGrid, JOGOJOGO has streamlined the integration of game engines and virtual machines. This collaboration with the Sonic team during their Odyssey testnet campaign has attracted 100,000 users in just 14 days. Players can experience the reward-based prediction game in the Odyssey - Game Adventure section here.

About Sonic

Sonic is the pioneering atomic SVM designed to enable sovereign game economies that finalize on Solana. Powered by HyperGrid, a core technology by Mirror World, Sonic allows developers to deploy custom Sonic Solana Virtual Machine (SVM) chains, offering significant scalability advantages.


JOGOJOGO is Solana’s AI-native prediction market where everyone’s opinions are rewarded. The project facilitates wagering on various topics with any amount. JOGOJOGO recently secured 2nd place in the 2024 Solana Hackathon MCM and is backed by a seasoned team, including the founders of Peretone Capital and Soda Protocol.