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Tether and Vietnam Blockchain Association Team Up to Drive Blockchain and AI Education in Vietnam

source-logo  tether.io 09 July 2024 17:42, UTC

9 July 2024 —Tether Operations Limited, the largest company in the digital asset industry, today announced a strategic collaboration with the Vietnam Blockchain Association (VBA) to drive blockchain and digital assets education. This collaboration aims to educate public stakeholders on blockchain technologies through a series of conferences and workshops, fostering knowledge-sharing and capacity-building within the industry.

Based in Ho Chi Minh City, the Vietnam Blockchain Association serves as a hub for individuals interested in standardizing and promoting blockchain technology in the country. It plays a key role in promoting blockchain technology in Vietnam and advocating for blockchain education by hosting educational events across the country. Its initiatives, ranging from educational programs to major conferences, have established them as a recognized entity in the blockchain landscape.

In 2023, Vietnam emerged as the third-largest cryptocurrency gainer in the world, following the U.S. and the UK, with nearly $1.18 billion, making it one of five Asian markets in the top 10 countries for cryptocurrency gains. It’s reported that Vietnamese citizens use crypto to access banking services that would otherwise be inaccessible. Approximately 17% of the population owns or has cryptocurrencies, positioning Vietnam as a hub for cryptocurrency activities.

This collaboration with VBA is a significant step in Tether’s broader strategy to promote bitcoin and stablecoin education in emerging markets and to inform communities about the power of digital finance. One of the most impactful initiatives in this collaboration involves hosting five educational conferences in Hanoi, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh City, and other major cities across Vietnam.

Furthermore, Tether will support the VBA in the UniTour Program by developing educational content with the Academy of Blockchain and AI Innovation (ABAII). UniTour is a special program jointly organized by the VBA and ABAII and is exclusively designed for university and college students nationwide. Its mission is to drive passion and cultivate talent in AI and Blockchain among the youth, encouraging them to explore career opportunities and pursue their startup ambitions in the technology sector. Tether will also support VBA’s SwitchUp Accelerator program by providing guidance, support, and potential investments for Web3 projects and startups.

“As a leading voice in blockchain adoption, the Vietnam Blockchain Association’s work aligns well with our mission to promote education in blockchain. We are excited to collaborate with VBA to educate about blockchain technologies as practical solutions to the unique challenges faced by Vietnamese communities,” said Paolo Ardoino, CEO of Tether.

Phan Duc Trung, Standing Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Blockchain Association and Chairman of the ABAII Academy added, “This strategic collaboration with Tether will make an important contribution to promoting blockchain education in Vietnam. We believe that through joint training and research programs, we will create comprehensive learning and development opportunities for the younger generation, helping them confidently enter the digital era and enhancing their fintech knowledge.”

This collaboration is further strengthened by the efforts of Tether EDU, a newly established global education initiative within Tether focused on education in crypto. Tether EDU aims to teach emerging markets about the power of digital finance, helping communities leverage blockchain technology for financial inclusion and economic development.

About Tether Edu

Tether Edu is a global education initiative dedicated to fostering accessibility of digital skills development while promoting self-development and self-realization. As Tether’s educational arm, Tether Edu is responsible for coordinating the various global education programs Tether supports. This platform will provide an innovative educational environment that identifies and implements the latest trends and expertise in specific digital industries.