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Modular AI Blockchain 0G Unveils Testnet Newton v2

source-logo  blockster.com 10 June 2024 14:12, UTC

Stanford, CA - Data availability network 0G has announced the release of Testnet Newton v2, a significant step forward in its mission to democratize AI services. This latest version introduces a suite of new features, stability improvements, and security enhancements, building upon the successes of the first iteration.

Testnet Newton v2 operates as a Cosmos-based proof-of-stake chain, designed to provide greater scalability and interoperability. The update introduces new modules for data availability services and committee systems, ensuring consistent high performance and reliability. These modules guarantee data accessibility, thereby significantly enhancing the network's efficiency and functionality.

Other notable additions include improved monitoring capabilities for tracking services such as storage nodes and key-value stores. Furthermore, v2 implements stronger safeguards against the abuse of the testnet’s faucet system.
“The overwhelming response to v1, with over 600,000 registered wallets, highlighted the need for a more robust and scalable network Testnet v2 delivers on that promise, introducing key features like data availability services and a rigorous validator selection process to ensure a secure and performant platform.”

Michael Heinrich, Co-Founder & CEO of 0G
The 0G community has shown remarkable interest in the testnet, resulting in over 2,500 validator applications. From these, 121 validators were carefully selected to maximize testnet integrity. Details about these selections can be found on the 0G Discord.

Future Directions

Testnet Newton v2 will continue to evolve, with a focus on detecting and preventing plagiarism to ensure originality within the 0G ecosystem. Robust anti-plagiarism mechanisms are in place and will be continually reinforced. Additionally, efforts will be directed towards developing flexible policies for validator rotation, aiming to attract new participants and further secure the network.

About 0G

0G is a leading Web3 infrastructure provider, pioneering modular AI blockchain solutions for on-chain AI applications within the Web3 ecosystem. The platform excels in data availability through its unique architecture that separates data storage from data publishing. With throughput capabilities of 50 GB/second—50,000 times faster than competitors—and costs that are 100 times lower, 0G is setting the standard for high-data use cases, including scalable L2s and modular AI, in the Web3 space.