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Axelar Announces Support for Polygon Amoy and Linea Sepolia Testnets

source-logo  blockchainreporter.net 09 June 2024 09:15, UTC

Axelar has announced support for Polygon Amoy (Sepolia) and Linea Sepolia testnets. This move follows a previous announcement with the name of Goerli Deprecation and New Ethereum Sepolia, Layer 2 Sepolia Support with Axelar. The initiative aims to continue supporting developers in building innovative applications.

GM builders!

We now support @0xPolygon Amoy and @LineaBuild Sepolia testnets! 🧪

Check out the devblog for details 👀https://t.co/4IOSoPzWAu pic.twitter.com/1R8dR2RIAY

— Axelar Network (@axelarnetwork) June 8, 2024

Axelar Enhances Developer Capabilities with Sepolia Support

From the perception of developers who create dapps and smart contracts, a testnet works as a production network. It makes it possible to develop, experiment, and implement applications before shifting to the main network, which is safe.

The Ethereum community maintains two primary public testnets. These include Sepolia, one of Ethereum’s leading proof-of-stake (PoS) testnets, and Goerli. The transition towards Sepolia and Layer 2 support represents an important step in Ethereum’s evolution after Goerli’s deprecation. These changes demonstrate the commitment to share with the community the most innovative and efficient tools.

New Polygon Amoy (Sepolia) and Linea Sepolia enable new capabilities for developers together with support from Axelar. This support makes it possible for developers to get reliable testing grounds required in developing and fine tuning dApps.

Change is inevitable especially when it comes to technology. Axelar wants to help developers and users during this process. There is provision of resources, documents, and other support to ensure a seamless transition. The aim of Axelar is to allow developers to keep continue with their work uninterrupted while benefiting from the changes at the same time.

Developers Benefit from Axelar’s Expanded Testnet Support

This announcement further solidifies Axelar dedication to developers and the overall blockchain space. Axelar continues to contribute to the growth and innovation of decentralized applications by supporting Polygon Amoy (Sepolia) and Linea Sepolia on the testnet.

In addition to above all, switching from Goerli to Sepolia, as well as the addition of Layer 2 support, prepares developers to work with the newest developments in blockchain technology. Axelar continuous help and contribution of tools will also assist and educate developers to create better and securer dApps.

This is a strategic move for Axelar, which aims to improve the development and testing infrastructure used to build blockchain applications. In short, this will make the developers experience seamless, simple and useful.