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Nansen unveils new tool to track smart funds and real-time trading moves

source-logo  cryptobriefing.com 06 June 2024 14:56, UTC

Nansen, the leading on-chain analytics platform, has launched a new Profiler PnL feature that enables crypto investors to track and analyze the performance of top investors across multiple blockchain networks, including Ethereum, Base, and Arbitrum, according to a recent press release shared by the company.

The Profiler offers a suite of metrics, such as average return on investment (ROI), win rates, and specifics on the best and worst trades, Nansen noted. The tool is designed to provide insights into both realized and unrealized profits and losses per token.

Moreover, users can set up alerts to track the investment moves of leading traders in real-time. This allows them to mimic strategies that have shown profitable outcomes.

With this feature, Nansen aims to provide analytics that help investors uncover hidden opportunities within wallet activities.

According to the team, the PnL feature already showcased its utility with memecoin trader huck.eth, who yielded an unrealized profit of over $23 million on PEPE and a 90% average ROI per trade.

In addition to this launch, Nansen said it has improved its system to better categorize funds. The team expects enhanced fund categorization to help users distinguish between the most successful and consistent players, labeled Smart Funds, and other market participants.

Similar to the PnL feature, the Smart Money Fund label revealed the success of entities like Kronos Research, with substantial profits and high ROIs on various tokens, said Nansen.

Alex Svanevik, CEO of Nansen, said the latest upgrades not only increase transparency in DeFi analytics but also provide actionable insights that empower experienced traders and newcomers to optimize their strategies and potentially enhance their returns.

“It brings a new level of transparency to the table,” said Svanevik. “Users can now track and understand the trading moves and performance of top players in the industry, getting key insights into their strategies. Whether you’re a big name or a savvy investor, this feature helps you stay informed and make confident decisions.”