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DATS Project Partners with peaq to Revolutionize Community-Powered Cybersecurity

source-logo  blockster.com 28 May 2024 13:57, UTC

peaq, a leading layer-1 blockchain for Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks (DePIN) and Machine Real-World Assets (RWAs), announces the integration of DATS Project into its ecosystem.

DATS Project is pioneering a decentralized cybersecurity network composed of over 1,000 computers that pool their computational power and bandwidth to create a robust cybersecurity engine.

Participants in this network earn rewards for their contributions while providing a range of security services to both Web3 and Web2 clients, including simulated attacks and vulnerability scans. As part of this integration, DATS Project will deploy its DePIN on peaq and launch its native token on the platform.

With the cybersecurity market projected to exceed $424 billion by 2030, the demand for robust and transparent security solutions is growing. Traditional centralized cybersecurity services often fall short in computational power and transparency, leaving companies and private users vulnerable.

DATS Project addresses these gaps by creating a decentralized, community-powered cybersecurity ecosystem that anyone can join by installing the DATS desktop app.

A Growing Network

Currently, DATS Project's DePIN includes 1,184 computers, offering a combined 7,562 CPU cores and 48,008 megabits per second of bandwidth. This network is poised to scale beyond the capabilities of the largest hacker-run botnets, providing superior security solutions.
DATS Project already serves 14 clients across various sectors, including AI, energy, commodities, cybersecurity, Web3 gaming, business payments, and VR.
The DePIN can simulate distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, conduct decentralized vulnerability scanning, and gather threat intelligence more swiftly than traditional Web2 methods. These services are available through the DATS client-facing app on a subscription basis.

By utilizing blockchain technology, DATS Project ensures greater transparency and provides clients with NFT-based security certificates upon completion of security tests.

Choosing peaq as its layer-1 foundation, DATS Project will integrate its desktop app with peaq and deploy smart contracts to manage its core operations. This includes enabling NFT minting, tracking resource allocation, and implementing a rewards distribution mechanism. The project will also launch its dApp and native token on the peaq network.

Serkan Bilen, Co-founder of DATS Project, commented:
"The DePIN model gives cybersecurity providers unprecedented capacity and scalability inherent to Web3. peaq offers the essential infrastructure, growth potential, and specific functionalities that no other layer-1 can match. We are eager to leverage peaq’s Modular DePIN Functions to enhance Internet safety for all."
Till Wendler, Co-founder of peaq, added, "Cybersecurity is a critical industry poised to benefit significantly from Web3’s transparency and scalability. We are thrilled to see DATS Project utilize peaq as the layer-1 platform for a DePIN that transforms this market through community ownership and decentralization."

About peaq

peaq is at the forefront of a global infrastructure revolution, empowering individuals to own and benefit from sectors like mobility, energy, connectivity, environment, agriculture, and digital infrastructure. As a layer-1 blockchain designed for DePINs, peaq supports over 25 applications across 11 industries and operates 450,000+ devices, vehicles, machines, and robots. peaq aims to democratize abundance in the age of AI and job automation, serving humanity universally.

For more information, visit peaq, follow peaq on Twitter/X for updates, and join the conversation on Discord.

About DATS Project

DATS Project leverages the DePIN model to offer innovative Web3 security solutions through its desktop application, allowing users to contribute system resources to a decentralized cybersecurity platform and earn rewards. This model eliminates the need for additional hardware investments while ensuring users retain full ownership of their resources. Utilizing decentralized high-power computing (D-HPC), DATS Project enhances the detection of security vulnerabilities and resilience against sophisticated cyber attacks.

For more information, visit DATS, follow DATS on Twitter/X for updates, and join the conversation on Discord.