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Nexo integrates The Tie’s analytics to expand data own invade access for users

source-logo  crypto.news 28 May 2024 12:09, UTC

Nexo announced an integration with The Tie to enhance its platform with real-time analytics for its users.

The integration allows Nexo users to access various indicators, including X (formerly Twitter) statistics, on-chain activity, gas fees, ownership distribution, and detailed asset descriptions. The action aligns with Nexo’s goal of making data accessible to all and enhancing the trading experience for users.

Elitsa Taskova, Nexo’s Chief Product Officer, emphasized the importance of equipping users with tools to understand market dynamics, given the $4.29 trillion trading volume on centralized exchanges in the first quarter of 2024.

“This integration brings institutional-grade analytics to the retail users and in doing so makes it vital to present data in a way that’s digestible for all investors. User experience (UX) is our forte – Nexo’s integration ensures analytics data is always handy, clear, and clutter-free. It’s not only accessible but also understandable and usable,” Taskova told crypto.news.

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Taskova further highlighted the need for timely and integrated data within the cryptocurrency market, noting that users often face delays in decision-making due to reliance on slower, traditional sentiment analysis methods.

She emphasized the importance of providing current data that is seamlessly integrated into the trading environment, focusing on the rapid, social nature of web3 information.

Joshua Frank, CEO of The Tie, commented: “We appreciate Nexo’s vision of incorporating The Ties tools to create a tailored trading experience for investors,” said Frank.

The integration enhances Nexos’ services and boosts its Loyalty program as part of the company’s commitment to innovation and improvement. The collaboration stems from the partnership between Nexo and The Tie, which has been in Nexo Ventures’ portfolio since March 2022.

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