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TaskOn Announces an Exclusive Partnership with Hashstack

source-logo  blockchainreporter.net 27 May 2024 10:44, UTC

TaskOn, a famous Web3 platform accomplishing diverse projects with decentralization, has announced a new collaboration. As per the firm, it has joined forces with Hashstack, a permissionless zk-local money market forum. The platform took to its official X account to provide the details about this partnership.

🥳 We are thrilled to announce our partnership with @0xHashstack, leveraged yield farming on #Starknet.

🚀 Built on Starknet, Hashstack leverages the capability of zero-knowledge proofs to provide a cost & capital-efficient lending solution. Explore more on Hashstack Community!… pic.twitter.com/3mh9qaNsU5

— TaskOn | A Web3 Task Collaboration Platform (@taskonxyz) May 27, 2024

TaskOn and Hashstack Partner with an Exclusive Giveaway of up to $1000 USDT

The company expressed its enthusiasm regarding this endeavor in its recent X post. It mentioned that Hashstack operates as a protocol on Starknet, a zk-rollup L2 network on the top of the Ethereum blockchain. According to the reports, Starknet enables decentralized applications to significantly scale while maintaining security. Hashstack has obtained a crucial position in the case of yield farming that is leveraged.

The platform added that Hashstack takes benefit from the zero-knowledge-proof capability. TaskOn considers this ability to be quite advantageous for the project. It added that, with the utilization of the respective feature, it can offer considerable cost efficiency. It brought to the front that Hashstack leverages the zk proofs to provide clients with a capital-effective lending solution.

The Hundred Lucky Winners Will Witness the Distribution of the $USDT Rewards

In addition to this, TaskOn disclosed the distribution of the $USDT rewards of up to $1,000 worth in total. The platform moved on to say that this giveaway celebrates the latest collaboration with Hashstack. The hundred lucky winners will see the distribution of the respective rewards. The event period starts on the 27th of May and ends on the 10th of June.