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Ripple CTO Issues Important Tokenization Explanation

source-logo  u.today 25 May 2024 13:39, UTC

With the broader digital currency ecosystem tilting toward tokenization, Ripple CTO David Schwartz has hinted at some of the important benefits of this technological advancement.

Benefits of tokenization

The concept of tokenization has been flying around, however, only a few understand or know what it really means. Taking to the Ripple Labs’ new X series of explaining a blockchain concept in 60 seconds, the Ripple CTO used real estate to explain the tokenization concept.

He said, with a lot of paperwork involved in buying an asset, it becomes fairly difficult to prove ownership of such properties. He believes tokenization eliminates this challenge by solidifying the process of asset transfer and ownership. He said, with distributed ledger technologies, real estate sales recording, payment for properties and taking away all fraud factors becomes possible.

“If someone can’t explain something in 60 seconds, they probably don’t understand it.” — Albert Einstein or Ripple CTO David Schwartz

This #CryptoInOneMinute, @joelkatz explains how tokenization enhances efficiency, proving that real understanding doesn't need a full minute."⏱️ pic.twitter.com/DvMqYuVoNC

— Ripple (@Ripple) May 24, 2024

He went on to point out how this ledger simplifies the process of borrowing against an asset. With tokenization, the person’s collateral can be registered on-chain and the lender can easily verify the ownership of the collateral. Depending on the key designs of the tokenization features, the lender may also gain insight that will show whether or not the person is borrowing from a number of lenders at the same time.

Many financial giants are already trialing tokenization features, with BlackRock also joining the trend. Protocols like Chainlink are specifically helping to fuel this tokenization agenda with its CCIP solution among others.

Ripple Labs positioning

While Ripple Labs has not categorically stated the road map in its own tokenization agenda, the firm has immediate plans to launch a stablecoin later this summer. In its latest push, Ripple Labs has filed a trademark for its stablecoin, showing it hopes to use the ticker symbol "RLUSD."

The stablecoin ecosystem is growing, and Ripple is optimistic to tap into the market in a dominant way.