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US Presidential Candidate Robert Kennedy Jr. Promises Honesty Backed By Blockchain Technology for US Citizens

source-logo  cryptonewsland.com 25 May 2024 13:56, UTC
  • US Presidential candidate Robert Kennedy Jr. showcases his faith in blockchain tech.
  • He intends to put the US budget on the blockchain for true transparency.
  • If he delivers, US taxpayers can track where their dollars are being funneled.

The 2024 US Presidential elections have been critical to the betterment of crypto-related businesses and policies in the United States. All major candidates are making their stance on blockchain technology and Bitcoin (BTC) clear. The first to do so was Robert Kennedy Jr.

Robert Kennedy Jr. is promising:

• No taxes on #Bitcoin

• Backing the US dollar with Bitcoin

• Put the US budget on blockchain pic.twitter.com/v2jUThdlGT

— Altcoin Daily (@AltcoinDailyio) May 24, 2024

To highlight, Robert Kennedy Jr. clearly states what he aims to bring using blockchain technology to US citizens. As we can see from the clip above, Robert Kennedy Jr wants to bring true transparency and honesty about tax payments to taxpayers.

In detail, Robert Kennedy Jr believes having US taxes on a blockchain will guarantee transparency for taxpayers. He wants the US people to track where their hard-earned taxes are going after paying their taxes.

Specifically, he wants them to have the right to knowledge about tax dollars. Where are these funds going, what they are funding, and why it’s being funded to that particular initiative. He wants taxpayers to have the ability to hold the senate responsible and question them on questionable expenses.

Besides putting the US budget on the blockchain, he also shares his vision to back the US dollar with Bitcoin, and make no taxes on Bitcoin (BTC). Kennedy throws light to how the US government tends to waste its budget on things that don’t meet the needs of the people.

When questioned why he speaks this way and if he fears not of the repercussions. To this Kennedy replies that there is no point standing for the US Presidential elections if he’s not speaking the truth.

With this comment alone, Robert Kennedy Jr. has embodied the philosophy of Bitcoin (BTC). Transparency, truth, and accountability, Kennedy’s vision is revolutionary and given the chance the US people could pave a new blockchain-powered future with Kennedy should he keep his word.