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Crust Network Announces Integration with BASE to Offer Matchless Decentralized Storage

source-logo  blockchainreporter.net 24 May 2024 10:18, UTC

Crust Network, a prominent platform that offers decentralized storage for Web3 users, has recently announced an exclusive integration. As per the company, it is integrating with BASE (an Ethereum-based layer 2 chain offering cost-efficient, secure, and developer-friendly on-chain development) to provide matchless decentralized storage. The platform revealed this development on the social media platform X.

🌟Exciting news! Crust Network is now integrated with @base, bringing seamless decentralized storage to the ecosystem.
With Crust Files and Crust Cloud supporting #BASE, developers and users can enjoy a secure, efficient storage experience.
⬇️Log in with your BASE wallet and… pic.twitter.com/QX9zw67Ync

— Crust Network (@CrustNetwork) May 24, 2024

Crust Network’s Exclusive Integration with BASE Focuses on Offering a Remarkable Decentralized Storage

In addition to this, the company also published a blog post on Medium to provide insights into the latest endeavor. It noted that the integration improves the decentralized storage mechanism of the platform. Additionally, it also benefits both the users and the developers alike. According to Crust Network, the partnership incorporates the resilient EVM Storage abilities thereof to the BASE network.

It added that this paves the way for a smoother and more effective user experience regarding decentralized applications. The integration reportedly includes the PriceOracle Contract. It reportedly plays a critical role in providing real-time and reliable pricing statistics regarding storage services. Moreover, it also takes into account StorageOrderCompatible Contract. The respective contract enables compatibility regarding storage orders.

It guarantees the efficient and smooth processing of storage transfers on the BASE chain. With this integration, the products of Crust Network have begun supporting BASE. One such product is Crust Files which now permits the consumers to manage, share, and store files in a decentralized way. Apart from that, the clients can select whether to encrypt the files or not. With the wallet login, the users can effortlessly communicate with Crust Files with adequate security.

The Endeavor Benefits Users and Developers Alike

Another product in this list is Crust Cloud which leverages Crust Network’s decentralized infrastructure. It now allows the users to develop their distinctive storage non-fungible tokens on BASE. They can do this by linking wallets and choosing the preferred storage space along with the NFT style. Furthermore, the integration promises an advanced developer experience.

The developers on BASE can presently incorporate decentralized storage facilities into the decentralized applications without any hindrance. For this, they can utilize the EVM Storage solutions of Crust. Along with that, the integration streamlines the development procedures. It also lets the users leverage protected decentralized storage without exiting the BASE network.