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Gelios and KOI Partner to Revolutionize the Bitcoin Blockchain Ecosystem

source-logo  blockchainreporter.net 23 May 2024 10:29, UTC

Gelios, the first community-owned decentralized applicaiton (dApp) layer on the Bitcoin network, has partnered with Koi. It is the most advanced and deepstack AI generated highly composable and editable 3D metaverse protocol built on top of Rune protocol. The goals of the strategic partnership are to grow the Gelios ecosystem, create integration between Koi and Gelios that becomes automatic in nature, jointly work on R&D for Layer 2 solutions as well as launch cooperative marketing efforts to drive user acquisition & retention.

Gelios x Koi

We're thrilled to reveal our new collaboration with @Koi_BTC, the first AI-generated, highly composable, editable 3D metaverse protocol on the Bitcoin blockchain based on Rune protocol.

🔸 Expanding the Gelios ecosystem
🔸 Integrating seamlessly with Koi
🔸… pic.twitter.com/I6CNw36DLt

— Gelios (@GeliosOfficial) May 23, 2024

Gelios and Koi Unite for Advanced 3D Metaverse on Bitcoin Blockchain

The partnership is a milestone in the growth of both social networking sites. Koi’s 3D metaverse capabilities will be an asset to Gelios, which focuses on empowering community-owned dApp layers. This partnership will enable the development of a stronger and more diverse blockchain environment.

Through the integration, both platforms will provide groundbreaking features and experiences to the users. Thus, when using Koi’s AI-generated 3D metaverse integrated with Gelios’s decentralized architecture, users will be able to experience a more engaging experience, further increasing the applicability of the Bitcoin blockchain.

A Collaboration to Innovate and Scale Bitcoin Transactions

The cooperation aims at the development of Layer 2 solutions that are crucial for the growth of blockchain infrastructures and making transactions faster. This partnership should help solve present problems in the Bitcoin network and offer better solutions for consumers. Such collaborations must be expected to yield new inventions that will be valuable for other members of the blockchain ecosystem.

It also requires marketing partnerships concerning the combined capabilities of Koi and Gelios. By forming a strategic partnership, both platforms can tap into a broader market and increase the demand for these innovative solutions.