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ZetaChain Announces the Launch of UniSat Bitcoin Wallet in a New Collaboration

source-logo  blockchainreporter.net 22 May 2024 20:54, UTC

ZetaChain, a layer-1 blockchain dealing with chain abstraction, has recently announced an exclusive partnership. The platform has started a collaboration with the BTC service provider UniSat Wallet to assist the application developers in integrating BTC wallets for users. On its account on X, the company revealed further details concerning this launch.

We're excited to share @unisat_wallet is the newest Bitcoin compatible wallet on ZetaChain! App developers can integrate Bitcoin wallets like UniSat to let users interact with any Universal App on ZetaChain from the Bitcoin network.

In the ZetaDocs, we have a dedicated tutorial… pic.twitter.com/nTtu8GC4fE

— ZetaChain (@zetablockchain) May 22, 2024

ZetaChain Releases Bitcoin Wallet UniSat on Its Platform in a Latest Partnership

The platform noted that the collaboration enables it to have compatibility with Bitcoin. As a result of this, the application developers can efficiently integrate the wallets containing the top crypto Bitcoin. These wallets take into account UniSat and so on. The respective integration permits the consumers to communicate with ZetaChain-based universal apps from the Bitcoin ecosystem.

In addition to this, the platform brought to the front its endeavors to provide further help to the developers. It disclosed that the company has established an exclusive tutorial. The respective project provides the information regarding the development of the simple applications. This would reportedly allow the developers to easily build their required applications.

The Developers Can Now Develop Simple Apps to Increase DApp Access for Consumers

The firm has included the respective tutorial in its “ZetaDocs.” By using the above-mentioned tutorial of the platform, the developers can create apps that can increase user access. In this respect, the consumers can utilize these apps to reach DeFi applications on ZetaChain. The platform also pointed out that the consumers can do this if they fulfill one requirement.

For this purpose, they need to utilize the browser-based extension of a wallet. Apart from that, the company disclosed a comprehensive guide to do so. While keeping in view the steps of the guide, the users can implement the UniSat Wallet. ZetaChain expressed its enthusiasm for the further progress of this collaboration with UniSat.