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Zealy Partners with AirDAO and Udao to Boost Web3 Community Growth

source-logo  blockchainreporter.net 20 May 2024 15:20, UTC

Today, Zealy has announced a partnership with AirDAO and Udao. Zealy is a platform aims to increase the growth and engagement of the community in the Web3 space using the work-2-earn model. This project seeks to develop the powers of all the platforms involved and empowers communities in Web3.

Zealy partnership announcement:

We are taking our investment in to Zealy very seriously, and this is why we are partnering with the very best on the platform. @udao_official have had phenomenal traction in the quest space and are a welcomed partner to the AirDAO ecosystem. We… https://t.co/GkjGy9pb5N

— AirDAO (@airdao_io) May 20, 2024

Zealy Enhances Work-2-Earn Model with AirDAO and Udao

AirDAO is a community-governed layer 1 blockchain that uses $AMB token fast progressing in the quest space. Zealy has been able to benefit a lot from AirDAO’s strong dApps ecosystem as the two continue to work closely. Their participation will help in enhancing the growth and development of the community.

Udao is a next-generation AI-driven skills platform on Web3 that will join this venture. Udao is an AI that aims to promote skill growth and learning and is therefore ideal for partnership with Zealy. Collaborating with Udao will help Zealy achieve its vision of creating new opportunities for users to improve themselves and participate in Web3.

Zealy grows Web3 communities by rewarding participation through its work-2-earn model. This approach also involves the users and encourages them with rewards for their participation in the community.

Zealy Encourages Participation in AirDAO and Udao Quests

In order to mark this milestone, Zealy begins to hold its partner quests for this campaign. Participants are encouraged to take part in this invite and check out the differentiated possibilities that AirDAO and Udao provide. It ensures a higher societal potential and has more people participating in it actively.

Zealy is determined to continue its vision for growth in the blockchain space. The collaboration with AirDAO and Udao is another milestone for the reach of such a vision. Moreover, it clearly contributes toward a further integration and enhancement of the web3 universe.