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KOI Announces Strategic Partnership with B² Network

source-logo  blockchainreporter.net 20 May 2024 12:55, UTC

KOI, Kingdom of Inscription, a unique game economy powered by AI and Bitcoin liquidity, is pleased to reveal that they have entered into a partnership with B² Network, the prime choice for Bitcoin’s Layer-2 framework. This partnership is aimed at adding a new layer of liquidity to the Bitcoin ecosystem and offer more opportunities to users.

Collaboration @Koi_BTC 🤝 @BSquardNetwork@Koi_BTC introduces a groundbreaking platform that combines the joy of virtual pet care with sophisticated AI competitive elements, all anchored on the Ethereum blockchain.

Look forward to boosting the liquidity within the Bitcoin… https://t.co/v3CUMid5dS

— B² Network | BTC Layer2 (@BSquaredNetwork) May 20, 2024

KOI Users to Benefit from New Partnership with B² Network

B² Network is best known for being the first Bitcoin Rollup solution to incorporate zero-knowledge proof verification. It also provides a DA Layer solution for other Bitcoin rollups guaranteeing security in transactions. This partnership will give KOI a chance to integrate these advanced technologies into its platform.

KOI makes up a novel concept that is based on the virtual pet care, but it has the competitive AI and is powered by Ethereum. Users have a variety of options available to them including managing their portfolios, staking, earning rewards, and participating in quests. It is also expected that the acquisition of the B² Network will improve the platform’s functionality and user-friendliness.

To mark this close partnership, KOI is starting the BSquared Staking Launchpad Beta. Buyers can trade token assets, stake their holdings, and receive rewards. Further, they may engage in a number of quests and challenges that can be offered with rewards.

KOI Incentivizes Early Users with Special 1.5X Staking Bonus

As an incentive, KOI is offering a special promotion that all users who register within the next 48 hours will receive a 1.5X APR staking multiplier bonus. This offer is enshrined to entice and reward the early adopters of this platform.

KOI and B² Network are planning to work together and achieve the growth and innovation that Bitcoin and the blockchain ecosystem deserve. This is a huge stride toward achieving the ultimate goal of a more interconnected and liquid Bitcoin market.