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Nimble Network Announces a New Collaboration with Anome

source-logo  blockchainreporter.net 19 May 2024 21:09, UTC

Nimble Network, a decentralized artificial intelligence orchestration layer to improve the AI ecosystem, has recently announced an exclusive partnership. As per the company, it is joining forces with Anome (an on-chain game ecosystem focusing on enhancing GameFi, NFT liquidity, NFTFI, and DeFi. On its official account on the social media platform X, the company revealed the news of this move.

🚀 Excited to announce @Nimble_Network and @Anome_Official are joining forces!

Nimble's AI OrderBook will ensure efficient and cost-effective decentralized AI applications. Anome aims to revolutionize the on-chain game ecosystem with enhanced NFT liquidity and value.… pic.twitter.com/2IVlMhnk3y

— Nimble Network (@Nimble_Network) May 19, 2024

Nimble Network Joins Forces with Anome to Expand DeFi Sector

The platform noted that the new collaboration will contribute to further progress in the DeFi sector. In addition to this, it also mentioned that the AI OrderBook of Nimble’s ecosystem will assist it Anome. This endeavor would reportedly pave the way for an efficient decentralized artificial ecosystem. The respective ecosystem would additionally offer decentralized artificial intelligence applications regarding finance.

Apart from this, the company also disclosed the efforts of Anome while joining forces with Nimble Network. It asserted that Anome pays considerable attention to making a significant change in the world of on-chain games. It moved on to say that the company is endeavoring to revolutionize the respective sector. For this purpose, it added, the firm is reportedly emphasizing the liquidity of the non-fungible tokens.

The Partnership Targets to Raise NFT Value and Liquidity

Nimble Network brought to the front that Anome’s vision also takes into account more increase in the value of the NFTs. The potential outcomes of this development are still to be seen in the upcoming days. Nimble Network expressed its confidence in this development. In other words, the collaboration has the potential to expand the scope of the decentralized technology.