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Prom Announces AirDAO Integration into Its Ecosystem

source-logo  blockchainreporter.net 17 May 2024 16:27, UTC

Today, Prom has announced that AirDAO is becoming a part of its ecosystem. AirDAO is a community-operated L1 blockchain committed to reshaping the landscape of Web3 through decentralized governance and collective action. Its principal objective is to produce a customer-oriented dream of DeFi.

Prom Integrates AirDAO Into the Ecosystem

We're thrilled to see our ecosystem expanding: we welcome @airdao_io, a community-governed L1 blockchain, on board.

AirDAO is an ecosystem of Web3 projects shaped by collective wisdom via DAO governance. AirDAO's mission is to create a… pic.twitter.com/9Vy3LGjywt

— Prom (@prom_io) May 17, 2024

Prom and AirDAO Partnership Enhances Web3 Scalability

By combining exceptional products with a dedicated and diverse community, Prom seeks to make DeFi better for everyone, more accessible, and more suited to the needs of real-world customers. This precisely reflects Prom’s goal to make Web3 technologies more uniform, user-oriented, and disclosed through decentralization.

Through this integration, Prom and AirDAO will contribute their forces to the development of the scalability of next-generation Web3 products. Users will be able to receive more efficient and scalable products of this kind capable of serving a growing number of transactions and users. Prom announced this collaboration on X. DWF labs also appreciated this collaboration and labelled it as an ‘impactful collaboration’. Moreover, it said that it is proud to be a contributor to this collab.

Exciting to see dynamic and impactful collaborations forming within our ecosystem ✨

Proud to have contributed to this 🔥

— DWF Labs (@DWFLabs) May 17, 2024

AirDAO, as mentioned previously, operates based on a decentralized autonomous organization model, implying collective decision-making by the community. This ensures that all developments and management processes are governed by community knowledge and necessity, rendering the ecosystem more integrating and flexible.

By including AirDAO into the ecosystem, Prom will be able to capitalize on AirDAO’s innovative blockchain technology and governance model. This will not only improve the current range of solutions but will also enable numerous exceptional projects to inject success and take-up into the Web3 future.

Furthermore, this partnership signals a joint mission to drive a decentralized future, where users are empowered and informed about their digital assets and activities. AirDAO and Prom have combined their talents and resources to create a more dynamic, inclusive DeFi experience.

Prom and AirDAO Collaboration Set to Redefine Web3 Landscape

The collaboration is projected to introduce game-changing innovations in the Web3 sector, offering users more adaptable and dynamic solutions than ever before. The partners are prepared to test the waters of the decentralized frontier like never before and see how far technology can go.

To sum up, the assimilation of AirDAO into the Prom Ecosystem is an important step toward a common goal of decentralization, transparency and friendliness to consumers of the Web3 future. The future of Web3 is optimistic, and the peak of the AirDAO partnership will benefit both the community and the Web3 front in general.