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Core Chain Collaborates with Kiln for Enhanced Network Security

source-logo  blockchainreporter.net 16 May 2024 14:26, UTC

Core Chain, one of the leading Layer-1 blockchains built directly on Bitcoin, has just collaborated with Kiln. It has already established its name through handling staking operations. The partnership is part of the network’s commitment to strengthening security and decentralization. Kiln is an enterprise-grade validator dedicated to flawless staking.

🔶 @Kiln_finance is now a validator on Core Chain

This means enhanced security and decentralization of the network, leveraging Kiln’s expertise from managing extensive staking operations.https://t.co/4ZIHKDkdHb pic.twitter.com/N9I0IcTUWW

— Core DAO 🔶 (@Coredao_Org) May 16, 2024

Kiln Boosts Bitcoin Security and Programmability on Core Chain

Through Bitcoin blockchain, Kiln has safely staked in large-scale, and users have a direct access to staking pool participation to gain rewards via on-chain contracts. Currently, the validator manages a huge number of 1,168,288 staked on ETH valued at merely below $3 billion.

Kiln co-founder and CPO, Ernest Oppetit, is thrilled to throw their support behind Core Chain and join as a node operator. Core Chain accomplishes this by tapping into the billions of dollars in security pledged to the BTC network. Significantly, it increases the BTC network’s programmability due to its EVM compatibility. Not only does this increase the value of Bitcoin for holders but it also increases the security of the entire network.

Core Initial Contributor, Brendon Sedo, says that they are delighted that Kiln has joined Core Chain as a validator. They rely on Kiln for its dependability and trustworthiness to secure the Core Blockchain. Kiln working with them will help achieve the goal of harmonizing with Bitcoin. In this case, it will enable the new non-custodial Bitcoin staking product which they recently announced.

Kiln Sets Standard in Ethereum Validation Beyond Core Chain

Kiln’s influence goes further than Core Chain. Kiln is the most extensive operator of validator nodes on the Ethereum blockchain, where it controls less than 4% of the network’s validators. Its experience in secure validation making Kiln the perfect choice for institutional clients looking for secure staking solutions. It also extends to its staking pools, with customizable options for the requirements of most clients. In addition to this, it includes dedicated validators as well as easily integrable SDK and APIs.

Ultimately, Kiln’s activation as a validator on Core Chain doesn’t just secure its network. It also signals Kiln’s dedication to making Bitcoin usage more accessible for the common individual while improving blockchain infrastructure in general. Since Kiln has a comprehensive history as a leader in staking operations, it will keep transforming the future of decentralized finance.