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Alchemy Pay Joins Forces with Metis to Revolutionize Crypto Payments: A New Era of Transaction Ease

source-logo  blockchainreporter.net 15 May 2024 19:47, UTC

In a significant move to enhance the cryptocurrency ecosystem, Alchemy Pay has partnered with Metis, a Layer 2 blockchain solution underpinned by Ethereum, to integrate a robust fiat-to-crypto payment gateway into the Metis platform.

This partnership will enable developers within the Metis ecosystem to access Alchemy Pay’s seamless On & Off-Ramp solutions, facilitating easier transitions between fiat and cryptocurrencies for users worldwide. This collaboration aims to refine the user experience by providing a direct, efficient gateway for these transactions.

Alchemy Pay’s addition of Metis’s native token, METIS, to its On-Ramp solutions is a key feature of this partnership. This integration allows users to acquire METIS tokens using various fiat currencies and local payment methods.

By enhancing accessibility and simplifying the purchase process, Alchemy Pay and Metis are working together to ensure that the broader ecosystem is more user-friendly and compliant with global payment standards.

Expanding the Ecosystem with Advanced Payment Solutions

Metis is enhancing its platform by incorporating Alchemy Pay’s payment solutions, which will offer developers and users alike a more integrated and frictionless experience. Metis’s infrastructure provides a range of tools for blockchain project developers, including NFT Bridges, oracles, RPC nodes, and more, all designed to support the growth and scalability of decentralized applications.

By leveraging Alchemy Pay’s payment gateway, Metis can offer these capabilities with the added ease of fiat currency transactions, making the platform more accessible to a global audience.

The METIS token, essential for transaction fees and staking within the Metis ecosystem, gains additional utility through this partnership. Users can now engage more actively with Metis’s features, including Community Ecosystem Governance and the broader array of decentralized applications, thanks to the straightforward acquisition process provided by Alchemy Pay.

We are thrilled to partner with the self-sustainable blockchain @MetisL2 for seamless On and Off-Ramp integration!#Metis has integrated #AlchemyPay into its ecosystem. Now, METIS token is available for direct purchase via our Fiat On-Ramp👉 https://t.co/3GbzXnxaRR… pic.twitter.com/MdgkQHsTwp

— Alchemy Pay|$ACH: Fiat-Crypto Payment Gateway (@AlchemyPay) May 15, 2024

Alchemy Pay’s Global Reach and Strategic Licensing

Alchemy Pay operates in 173 countries, offering a wide range of payment options that include major credit cards like Visa and Mastercard, regional mobile wallets, and domestic transfers.

This extensive network, coupled with more than 300 local payment channels, ensures that Alchemy Pay can provide a seamless purchase experience for cryptocurrency buyers around the world. Their experience in the crypto payment sector is further enriched by partnerships with significant networks such as TON, Polygon, Avalanche, and others.

Further enhancing its global footprint, Alchemy Pay is in the process of acquiring additional licenses in various key markets, including the UK, the United States, Canada, Indonesia, Lithuania, and soon in Hong Kong and Singapore.

These efforts underscore Alchemy Pay’s commitment to optimizing transaction success rates and operational efficiency, while also adhering to regulatory standards in multiple jurisdictions. Both Visa and Mastercard have recognized Alchemy Pay as an authorized third-party service provider, affirming its strong position in the crypto payment landscape.