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Acurast Announces Integration with Vara Network to Bolster dApp Development

source-logo  blockchainreporter.net 08 May 2024 21:34, UTC

Acurast, a popular decentralized platform for cloud services, has recently announced an exclusive integration. The company is integrating with Vara Network to bolster dApp development, performance, Web3 adoption, and developer support. Vara Network is an advanced decentralized network bridging the gap between Web3 and Web2. Acurast disclosed this endeavor on the social media platform X.

Exciting news! @VaraNetwork has integrated Acurast to boost dApp development, enhance performance, offer developer support, and accelerate Web3 adoption. This integration ensures that developers receive access to decentralized compute for their applications.… pic.twitter.com/YqD3Am94cV

— Acurast (@Acurast) May 8, 2024

Vara Network Starts Integration with Acurast to Improve dApp Developer Experience

In its post, the platform noted that the integration guarantees that developers access decentralized computing concerning their applications. While revealing this integration, the company expressed confidence in the further development of this initiative. It added that Vara is incorporating a supportive service in collaboration with Acurast. As a result of this, the developers can build simple dApps.

In addition to this, the company mentioned that this would promote a resilient Web3 ecosystem. The development of dApps capable of handling increased scalability as well as compute-intensive tasks is reportedly very difficult. As per Vara, this requires significant computing resources. Nonetheless, depending on centralized platforms of cloud services is insecure. Additionally, this also goes against the Web3 principles.

In this respect, Acurast provides an exclusive cloud computing mechanism that works in a decentralized manner for dApp builders. According to Acurast, there are more than 6.8M smartphones around the world. Moreover, it added that the respective number would potentially jump to go beyond 7.1B this year. Acurast uses the untapped computing capabilities of mobile devices.

The Integration Lets Vara Developers Leverage Acurast’s Decentralized Computational Resources

Hence, it establishes a decentralized cloud devoid of servers that can handle heavy workloads. The respective network enables people to get rewards by just sharing the unused computing capability of their devices. This integration permits the developers on Vara Network to leverage the decentralized computational resources formerly inaccessible via conventional cloud providers.

The consumers of Acurast who offer computing power via smartphones will get rewards from the platform. Acurast operates under a unique class of decentralized forums that target Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks. It permits everyone to contribute to its ecosystem. Apart from that, it also lets them leverage the decentralized cloud mechanism thereof.

Acurast allows users to utilize mobile devices within a decentralized and broad cloud network. The cutting-edge cloud technology of Acurast has several use cases that offer a substitute for the huge tech monopoly existing in the market of cloud computing.