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Humanode Network Announces Integration with SubWallet to Enhance User Experience

source-logo  blockchainreporter.net 29 April 2024 20:57, UTC

Humanode Network, a well-known decentralized network that uses crypto biometrics, has announced its exclusive integration. As per the platform, it is integrating with SubWallet, an open-source and user-friendly wallet for Kusama and Polkadot ecosystems, to improve user experience. On its official account on X, the network disclosed the respective integration.

Humanode Network integrates with @subwalletapp for enhanced user experience. 🎉

SubWallet has integrated Humanode Network into its comprehensive wallet solution for the Polkadot, Substrate, and Ethereum ecosystems.

This integration offers a seamless connection to the Humanode… pic.twitter.com/Na38dAZ7fm

— HUMANODE (@humanode_io) April 29, 2024

Humanode Network and SubWallet Integrate to Offer Improved User Experience

The company revealed in its X post that the integration focuses on the provision of several unique features. The integration of SubWallet into Humanode Network offers an all-inclusive wallet solution. The respective cutting-edge solution supports Ethereum, Substrate, as well as Polkadot ecosystems. In this way, the integration expands the network compatibility to facilitate the consumers.

In addition to this, the company brought to the front that the integration permits the clients to have seamless operations. In this respect, the users can experience matchless access to the platform of Humanode. As a part of this seamless connection, the consumers can leverage the EVM as well as substrate-based versions. These options widen the range of the operations to enable the users to better comprehend their requirements.

Apart from these advantages, the consumers also have some other benefits. In this respect, the latest integration allows the clients to conveniently manage the assets including eHMND and HMND. Specifically, the consumers can manage the respective assets across diverse platforms. They take into account the browser extension as well as the web dashboard.

The Users Can Manage the Assets by Downloading SubWallet and adding Humanode Network

Moreover, mobile application (for iOS and Android devices) also plays a significant role in this purpose. The users who intend to leverage the latest development need to follow a simple procedure. First of all, they require downloading SubWallet. After that, they need to include the Humanode Network. This will let them manage the assets.