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5ireChain Partners with Openfabric AI for AI Application Development

source-logo  blockchainreporter.net 26 April 2024 16:11, UTC

5ireChain is excited to announce its latest partnership with Openfabric AI. The platform was developed to make the creation and deployment of AI applications easier for people of all skill levels. It is a perfect fit as 5ireChain continues to work toward a more sustainable, accessible, and innovative world.

We're delighted to announce our partnership with @openfabricai , a platform that makes building and deploying AI applications effortless for everyone.

This collaboration marks an important milestone on our journey to creating a more #sustainable, accessible, and innovative… pic.twitter.com/uqN6r6Ih4f

— 5ireChain (@5ireChain) April 26, 2024

5ireChain Explores New AI Frontiers with Openfabric AI Partnership

By combining AI and blockchain technology, the two companies hope to provide solutions to some of the world’s most pressing problems. These include climate change, renewable energy, financial inclusion, and social welfare. Both companies will combine their resources and talents to develop products that create social and environmental benefits.

Openfabric AI is a platform that developers can use to create and deploy AI applications without the need for in-depth knowledge of machine learning. It eliminates the complexity of developing AI applications by providing pre-built AI models and no-code capabilities that shorten the development process suitable for developers of all kinds of backgrounds.

Openfabric AI’s platform will allow 5ireChain to open new frontiers in the intersection of AI and blockchain. By taking advantage of Openfabric AI’s tools and a pool of resources, 5ireChain will fast-track the establishment of new AI-powered solutions.

5ireChain and Openfabric AI Pursue Environmental Objectives

The partnership between 5ireChain and Openfabric AI emphasizes that they have common goals throughout which they wish to make technology drive sustainable social and environmental objectives. Additionally, they will equip creativity and implementation to solve the most pressing issues in the most effective way.

As mentioned above, it is hoped that their effort will be a critical step for 5ireChain and Openfabric AI in the usage of AI and Blockchain cooperation for social connotation. Therefore, 5ireChain and Openfabric AI will want to build surroundings that are good for humanity by using novel technology to address global issues of importance.