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Empowering Creators: MITH's Beta Launch with Mysten Labs and Sui Blockchain

source-logo  blockster.com 26 April 2024 16:06, UTC

Los Angeles – Following the success of their pioneering project Private Garden in collaboration with multi-GRAMMY-nominated artist Jack Harlow, MITH is thrilled to announce its partnership with Mysten Labs, the driving force behind the Sui blockchain. MITH, an integrated platform empowering creators to connect deeply with their communities, is poised to launch its beta on Sui in May 2024.

In collaboration with Mysten Labs, the architects of Sui Network, MITH is ushering in a new era for creators across various domains, from renowned musicians to up-and-coming artists, athletes, podcasters, gamers, bloggers, and brands. The first wave of artists selected to join MITH's closed beta will be unveiled in May.

Additionally, MITH is granting access to 1,000 fans and early adopters to secure their vanity usernames ahead of the beta launch, fostering an environment where creators and their fervent supporters shape the future of content creation.

Harnessing Sui's technological prowess, MITH has developed an intentional, artisanal platform that democratizes direct-to-consumer relationships, granting creators unparalleled autonomy while delivering a seamless experience for their fans.

By leveraging blockchain technology, MITH ensures immutable records of fan engagement, allowing creators to reward audience loyalty across both on- and off-platform activities. From social media interactions to real-life attendance, every engagement is meticulously tracked, fostering a culture of collaboration and active participation.

Empowering Creators

Transparency lies at the heart of MITH's mission, with blockchain technology serving as the cornerstone for safeguarding artistic integrity and inspiring genuine community connections.

With Sui's purpose-driven and scalable blockchain solution, MITH aims to elevate its commitment to creators, offering AI-driven insights and analytics derived from artist-owned first-party data. These insights enable creators to cultivate one-to-one fan relationships, redefining distribution channels in the digital landscape.
"We believe that emerging platforms have a responsibility to demystify new technologies and empower users to harness their full potential. With MITH, we aim to streamline the adoption of Web3, enabling creators to thrive in this evolving digital landscape."

Michelle Sanchez, CEO & Co-Founder of MITH
Evan Cheng, Co-Founder and CEO of Mysten Labs, added, "We're thrilled to see MITH integrating Sui into their creator-first platform. The dynamic and programmable nature of NFTs on Sui opens up endless possibilities for creators to engage with their communities in meaningful ways, while ensuring financial support through customizable royalty enforcement."

MITH is on a mission to revolutionize the creator economy, offering a unified platform where artists retain control over their creative endeavors. By empowering artists with cutting-edge technology, MITH paves the way for a future where creativity knows no bounds.