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Oasys Launches Bridged USDC (Celer) Standard for Improved Cryptocurrency Transactions

source-logo  blockchainreporter.net 16 April 2024 18:31, UTC

Oasys, a leading organization in the ecosystem of cryptocurrency, recently launched major improvements to its bridged $USDC, a significant improvement for its users. Oasys has created the Bridged USDC Standard in partnership with cBridge to all $USDC bridged to the platform of cBridge-based to $USDC.

Bridged USDC (Celer) on Oasys Achieves Compatibility with Circle’s CCTP Bridge

It is a significant stage intended to guarantee that Brigded USDC is interoperable outright and positions the implementation for potentially possible native issuance of the new cryptocurrency to OAS. The Brigded USDC standard demonstrates Oasys’ commitment to providing a top-notch consumer experience. It will also assist its ecosystem’s transfer and use without interruption.

Moreover, Brigded USDC (Celer) of the cryptocurrency, which is newly launched in Oasys, is now fully compatible with the CCTP bridge that Circle runs. Users will now be able to bridge the $USDC tokens between OAS and other bridges supporting CCTP bridge under the Circle bridge. It will assist the cryptocurrency ecosystem and not restricting any future advancements and advancements.

cBridge Updates Token Names for Oasys USDC

The transition is intended to be easy and straightforward for consumers who hold Legacy Bridgeed USDC to OAS. Although customers may bridge their tokens back to Ethereum, any transfer of USDC out of ethereum to the property will be changed to the new type of Bridged USDC. This entry is intended to be easy and simple for clients. Therefore, there is no break in consumers’ regular work on property.

On cBridge changes are being reflected in token names and symbols. Previously, there cBridge referred to Oasys USDC as Legacy Bridgeed USDC with a token called USDCcoleagacy, which have been modified to new cBridge Bridged USDC co, called USDC.e. Moreover, this update is to simplify the membership check and honor the commitment to users.