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Nimble Network Integrates with Data Storage Mechanism of BNB Chain

source-logo  blockchainreporter.net 12 April 2024 20:52, UTC

Nimble Network, a well-known AI protocol, has announced an exclusive integration to offer comprehensive decentralization. The company announced on its X account that Greenfield (the data storage mechanism of BNB Chain) will integrate with Nimble Network to increase the decentralization of the AI stack.

Our newest integration with @BNBCHAIN's Greenfield brings us one step closer to fully decentralizing the AI stack.

Nimble will use BNB’s Greenfield data storage system to store models used within our protocol, eliminating one more centralization point in traditional AI.… pic.twitter.com/E7bV3Q0HYS

— Nimble Network (@Nimble_Network) April 12, 2024

Nimble Network Announces Integration with Greenfield of BNB Chain to Increase Decentralization

This endeavor will be quite beneficial for the consumers of the platform as it enhances decentralization. Additionally, the respective integration will utilize the data storage mechanism of BNB Chain to stock models utilized under Nimble’s protocol. As a result of this, the respective move eliminates one additional centralization spot in the conventional artificial intelligence (AI).

Greenfield offers decentralized access and management of the data to its consumers. This potentially paves the way for the trust of the community in the project. Following that, the project may witness a significant increase in its adoption among community members. Moreover, the integration also permits the secure storage of both the training data and models on the decentralized forum.

The Integration Enables Decentralized Data Access, Management and Storage

The respective secure storage also increases the confidence of the consumers by attracting them with its inclusivity. As per the company, it prioritizes this approach as a prerequisite for the data markets and data provenance. These are some of the prominent things due to which Nimble Network has been maintaining its position.

Apart from that, the latest partnership with the famous BNB Chain will likely contribute to elevating its status in the market. According to the firm, Nimble creates and uses datasets to conduct model training. In line with that, Greenfield will allow it to fairly reimburse data providers. Furthermore, it better attributes model anticipations to their real data providers.