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ATOR partners with peaq to enhance DePIN privacy

source-logo  cryptobriefing.com 11 April 2024 20:58, UTC

DePIN and real-world asset structure peaq announced a boost in privacy to its network through a partnership with ATOR, aiming to provide enhanced anonymity for DePINs operating on peaq’s infrastructure.

ATOR’s integration into peaq’s network will involve a liquidity expansion and a technical fusion that will allow other DePINs to access ATOR’s network. This move comes at a time when the demand for online privacy is surging, with traditional solutions like VPNs and the Tor network facing criticism for centralization and limited capabilities.


“Online surveillance and privacy infringements are growing more egregious by the day,” says Saunder, an engineer at ATOR. “And over half of internet users consider it to be a priority. As DePINs transform industries and connected infrastructure, they must offer their communities a level of privacy without compromising the user experience. With ATOR, DePINs building on peaq will be able to do just that, and we are excited to be moving ahead with this integration.”

ATOR’s approach utilizes onion routing technology in a decentralized model, incentivizing a network of nodes without the need for central authority nodes. This architecture promises greater security and resilience, and with the use of their SDK, dApps and other DePINs can seamlessly connect to the ATOR network.

The partnership will also see ATOR bridging its token with peaq’s layer-1 blockchain, enabling DePINs on peaq to incorporate ATOR’s privacy features effortlessly. Furthermore, ATOR plans to explore the use of peaq’s multi-chain IDs and modular DePIN functions for its network of relays.

“Secure and anonymous traffic is a major component of Web3’s promise of a more privacy-focused and self-sovereign Internet,” states Till Wendler, co-founder of peaq. “ATOR’s anonymity stack makes it a valuable architecture component for any DePIN, and we are certain that it will create a lot of value for the ecosystem.”